The sea is calling! We have here 2 contest with Skullys!

After a poll in the chat, we decided to hold the 2 contest right away, Arrrgh!

1 competition You will find the link to our GIVELAB. Complete as many tasks as possible to get more chances to win! The contest will last the entire 2 week.

2 competition will pass by tradition in our general chat: @cryptogamingpool! 28.07.19. Anchors are removed in 20: 00 MSC. Great opportunity to come together anchors! We are waiting for you at the appointed time in the appointed place!

* There is only one condition for participation in the contest - to be in a chat. @Skullys.

In the trunk of Davy Jones will be waiting for you 25 NFT Blisterin' barnacles! from the limited edition, with which you can earn PO8 tokens, or you can simply sell your skull to another virtual treasure hunter in a well-known trading port opensea.

All fair wind and calm sea!

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