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The developer has the right to submit a request for advertising his application on the site. In order to advertise your product, for this the developer must complete and send an advertising request. Adoption of product advertising is determined solely by the CryptoGamingPool at its discretion and in accordance with selected criteria.

Based on the completed details of the ad request, if CryptoGamingPool considers the request to be appropriate, CryptoGamingPool will contact the project developer and send a proposal with a price based on current availability, advertising slot, type of advertisement and period for advertising. As soon as a payment is received from the project developer, a project advertisement is published and displayed on the site. After receiving payment, the project developer is not entitled to a refund.

In case the project is “High Risky”, CryptoGamingPool does not accept advertising requests from such Project Developers. The attitude of the project to the category of “High Risk” is determined exclusively by the CryptoGamingPool based on its own selection criteria.

CryptoGamingPool reserves the right to remove any advertisement for a project on this Website if CryptoGamingPool considers that such an advertisement or the Project Developer violates these conditions. In the event of a breach of these terms, CryptoGamingPool is not obligated to refund any payments made by the Project Developer to CryptoGamingPool and is not responsible for the removal of any such advertisements.