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How to write a text article?

With maximum dedication.

Itself. The help of a friend is only appropriate if he will always help you.

* If your article has already been published elsewhere, send the original that has not passed through the editor and proofreader. It is advisable to add a link to the publication.

  • After reading how articles are written on the site. Reread articles that you liked the most, perhaps several times. Your task: to understand the features of the style. The structure of the article. The order of presentation of thoughts. And in general, as we write.
  • Having studied the sources. Go to the official website. Check out White Paper. Browse through existing information in official sources, social networks.
  • Imagine your reader. Write in a fun, dynamic, fun and objective way. With all my heart, imagine how other people, coming to the site, will begin to read an article written by you. What will they say after reading it? What do they want to see in her? The answer to the question will be your text article.

What is the structure of the article?

In general, first introduction.

Then - briefly about plot, background. Further - general description. Then - divide what you need to tell into of, and consistently state.

* Welcome to embed links in the text.

Useful tips:

  1. One thought should flow as smoothly as possible into another. Avoid hopping.
  2. Not only tell what you saw, but preferably and pronalize.
  3. Keep a balance. Each part or thought gets exactly as much space in the article as it deserves.
  4. Brief suggestions и red lines.
  5. Reread after yourself. Can be out loud. It’s normal to re-read a written paragraph of a text dozens of times and fix it as many times. Immediately cleanly write only some gurus with many years of experience or those from CryptoGamingPool;)

How to design the text?

The way it is designed on the site. Subheadings. Bold and italics where required and more.

For typing, use Microsoft Office Word of any version. You can use the completely free Google Docs.

The text may be not text only, pictures, gifs and videos - welcome!

What do you need to write us?

We would like to know the following about you:

  1. Basic data. Age. Do you work, do you study at school or college.
  2. Contacts. Telegram (required!), E-mail.
  3. Foreign languages. If you know, then what is your language proficiency.
  4. Experience on topics. For example, how long do you play games, what genres do you prefer, what games are your favorite.
  5. Experience in articles. Have to write earlier, official or amateur articles. Editorial experience. Just professional experience in areas that are somehow related to gaming topics (for example, owning PhotoShop, Illustrator, coding, etc.).

* We specifically note that having work experience and writing articles is NOT a prerequisite. Determining factor - Enthusiasm.

We are waiting for you in our ranks!

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