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Have you ever battled in a cyberpunk futuristic world with an 80’s theme design? Or are you already on the TOP gamers list and ready to share your experience? Then we want you for the Glitch Goons Competition!

The CryptoGamingPool community has teamed up with the Ether Dale team to give a chance of all worthy fighters and reward them generously!


1st – place – 80 GameCoin
2st – place – 50 GameCoin
3st – place – 20 GameCoin
*1 GameCoin = $1

Your tokens can be spent on your armory, by displaying things in the blockchain, or in duel battles!


To win you will need

1. To write the best gameplay for beginners guide you can, and to describe all essential in-game actions:

  • to describe the registration process. Your guidelines should be clear and easy to understand (even to noobs);
  • to describe the process of attaching wallets to your game accounts (you don’t need to pay any money);
  • to have your first battle on Glitch Goons web version;
  • to install Glitch Goons app on your smartphone (android);
  • to log in (please don’t show us your password);
  • to complete the 1st and 2nd leagues.
*Please don’t forget to attach illustrative images of your actions and provide details for all information. There is a chance that new players will use your Glitch Goons guideline to get started.
2. Fill in the form below.

NB: All entries in this competition should be in a textual format with images. You can make your guide on such platforms as: golos, steemit, trybe or google docs. Don’t forget to attach your document links to your form.

How will we rate your work?

Your work should be easy to understand and clear to those who have never played Glitch Goons before and look good. The structure of your work, its simplicity and visual design are all very important.

Any questions or suggestions? Please contact us link:;


March 4th we will know the names of the winners!


    Присоединяйтесь к обсуждению в наших Telegram чатах:

    RU – @CryptoGamingPool
    EN – @CryptoGamingPool_EN