war riders
Do you hear this roar of engines, the smell of gunpowder and gun oil? This is our new competition.

Podday gazku and drive to us! And if you do not have a car, then use the chance to get one of two premium cars to play WAR RIDERS! Together with them we hold a unique meme contest.

Contest rules are very simple:

  1. Subscribe to the channel
  2. Retweet our message and mark 2's friends:
  3. Think of the most funny meme on the topic WAR RIDERS
  4. And fill out the form *

* Questionnaires and memes are accepted until 20 January 23: 59 Moscow time. 21 will announce the results. Memes are accepted only in Russian

And now the most important thing!


1-place: WAR TRUCK - premium cars *

2-place: SUV - premium cars *

* To learn more, click on the picture.

After you get the car **, you can 1 once fill the FULL TANK Benzene (BZN) ***, for this you just need to press 'FILL' in your garage

** A car in WAR RIDERS is a collection item or ERC-721 token that will come to your wallet if you win the competition.

*** BZN is an internal game token, in short, the local currency. Read more about BZN and its cost:

BZN (ERC-20); WR / Auto (ERC-721)


Attach your meme

And finally, a message for the contest winners: As soon as a car appears, join our official clan in WAR RIDERS, get another BZN for it and the opportunity to fight in the wasteland shoulder to shoulder with us!

We are waiting for you in discord room #cryptogamingpool

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