War Riders Introduce BZN Liquidity Program

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War Riders is already 1 year old, and its popularity is only growing, and with it the deficit of BZN grows. In this regard, the project had problems with the liquidity of its native token: the lack of BZN in the game was reflected in real life by the fact that investors who want to acquire Benzene are faced with low liquidity of the token. Therefore, the developers announced the BZN liquidity maintenance program called “Wasteland” with some buns for the participants.

What is the liquidity program itself?

Players wishing to participate in the program must send ETH to a special contract on the official page. The contract is executed as soon as a sufficient amount of ETH is collected. Half of the collected ETH tokens are sent to the War Riders multi-signature wallet, and users receive the corresponding amount of BZN tokens. The contract then automatically blocks the BZN tokens received by the user and the remaining half of the ETH on Uniswap, after which users begin to receive a staking reward.

In addition, program participants will also be able to receive a unique badge for their equipment.

It sounds rather confusing, but the developers promise that for the end user everything will be as simple as possible and it will not be necessary to understand the work of the contract.

Also, the developers promise a reward of up to 1000 BZN for those who can identify vulnerabilities in the contracts of this program.

Why is the liquidity problem so acute? BZN?

In the near future, the game will start selling garages, and it will be possible to purchase them only with the help of BZN. All players will need garages, as they will be needed as spawn points, as well as to store their hard-earned BZNs in the hot battles. Players will also be able to lease their garages to other people, for which they will receive passive income.

Sounds good, doesn't it? A lot of other War Riders players thought so too, which led to an even greater BZN deficit.

A short excursion into the world War Riders

One of the main game mechanics is clans. Players come together to help each other and keep control of ever larger territories. For fans of playing solo, we have bad news: playing alone here will definitely not work, and it is almost impossible to create and develop your own clan due to the fact that a small number of very large clans control almost all territories.

The developers strive to ensure that the entire economy of the game is completely transparent. It is impossible to buy BZN tokens, they can only be obtained during the game, but the pool of tokens is not endless and will eventually dry up, and 30% of BZN from each transaction on the marketplace is burned, the rest goes to the game mining pool.

Below is the Roadmap of the project.

war riders
The project team announced the expansion of the map in the next version (0.15.0).

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