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War Riders

The recent contest "Wanderer" was a huge success with the community, the players wrote that it was a lot of fun to look for hidden figurines for the search, which prizes gave (auto + 1000BZN).

Some of the statuettes were hard to find, and their discovery took several days. Among the best wanderers were: R4yn, dwindlingfat, Marvin, auxkevin, CipherGarden, Doji Flip and Countzero.

Also, there were some particularly clever players who “lent” their cars to other players so that they could win the competition and share the award.

Here you can ask the question: “Was this allowed by the rules?”. But this is exactly how the decentralized world works!

More information about the competition can be found here: https://cryptogamingpool.com/fasten-your-seat-belts-it-will-be-hot.

New cars

All statuettes of special vehicles were found in Test Waste and their game equivalents. (Gold, Platinum, Glass) now unlocked for winners.

These vehicles are limited in color change due to their unique “skin”. Winner badges have also been sent and are now available in the game.

War Riders

Mythereum Tournament

The Mythereum tournament was reportedly broadcast by Kenn Bosak on his youtube channel. All awards of various contests and tournaments were successfully distributed.

* The War Riders team asks all those who have not yet received the reward to inform them.

Multiplayer test and roadmap

  • We understand that we are behind the roadmap, and we appreciate your patience while you are waiting for the alpha version. Now we are pleased to announce that we will begin alpha testing of multiplayer in about two weeks.

    This test will help us understand the needs of our server infrastructure and learn from your feedback. You can ride, fighting with each other!

    We are planning to launch the BZN mining feature and the full alpha version shortly after we finish the multiplayer tests.

    War Riders Team

Preparing to implement a contract for the purchase of weapons

  • Soon after the test of the multiplayer mode, we will introduce the opportunity to purchase tools that will be available through our new contract for the weapon ERC-721.

    As mentioned earlier, you can purchase weapons for BZN or ETH in our dApp on the site. The mechanism of sale will be similar to the mechanism of presale - price increase after each purchase. Everyone will have a chance to get a rare weapon with maximum performance.

    As in the case of selling cars, we will open the “Armory Factory”, and you will be able to trade weapons on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

    War Riders Team

Premium car pre sale is coming to an end

Pre-sale of premium cars will be valid until the release of the contract for tools and other items for BZN. As soon as purchases for BZN are available, the pre-sale of premium cars will be completed, and the sale of middle-class cars will begin.

* Initial filling of a full tank BZN only for premium cars.

New build

Released new assembly, reflecting the appearance of the car, which consists of two patches.

Patches can be downloaded via the game client.

Customization and new bundle

New wheels, bull grills and spikes can be found on their way to the game.

Meanwhile, two more exclusive sets with Glass War Truck and Glass SUV were released, and some others were replenished.

Join our team CryptoGamingPool in the discord, if you have cars:

*Each member of the clan will be additionally accrued BZN.

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War Riders

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