Instructions for selling SLP tokens on Uniswap

Axie Infinity, Uniswap

Plunging into the world Axie Infinity every beginner will be faced with the question: “How to bring out the farmed good?”, an active member of the community kindly answered this question @CryptoGamingPool and a seasoned Axie player - @ Voland007

On behalf of the CGP management, we express our gratitude for the contribution to the development of the Russian-speaking cryptogaming community.


Go to the page and press the “Sync Love Potion” button.

After the transaction is completed, SLPs will appear on the wallet associated with the account.

Go to the Uniswap page and confirm the warning in the window…dcf1&outputCurrency=ETH.

After a few seconds, the ETH-SLP exchange page will load.

What we want to sell is indicated at the top by the quantity. At the bottom, the amount that we will receive upon exchange will appear. The exchange itself is made by clicking on the Swap button.

Axie Infinity
If you have never changed this pair, then the first time instead of Swap you will see Approve SLP. This is an unblocking exchange. It is done once and does not make the exchange itself.
Axie Infinity

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