Meet the Ultra

Probably, it is no secret to anyone that in the PC gaming market the king is Steam. Already probably more than 15 for years, Valve has dominated this market and, according to various sources, occupies 30-50% of the market (excluding mobile games). But lately, a wave of negativity and criticism, due to an overestimated commission in 30%, dissatisfaction with the system of recommendations and tough rules for developers, forces competitors to become more active and create their own stores.

Thus, Epic Game Store, Discord Game Store, Robot Cache, The Abyss, and others appeared. By the way, the latest two projects use the blockchain, but they look much less ambitious than our today's guest.

What is Ultra?

Ultra is platform and ecosystem for distribution of games that will use the blockchain (EOS based fork). The main idea of ​​the platform is to destroy the monopoly of large platforms such as Steam and distribute revenues among all participants who invest their time and activity in the development of the platform, including players, content makers and others.

The goal will be achieved due to lower commissions, the use of the blockchain and all popular features in one place. Let's see what comes of it, but for now just a little more!

What does Ultra promise us?

Key features:

  • Ultra Ads - currently serving 33 billion ads per day, our AD tech provides audience targeting, advertiser API, AD formats, banners, video, mobile and rich media, DSP/SSP communication with ad exchanges, and many more features;
  • Ultra GO is a mobile companion application. There should be a wallet and chat rooms and news and p2p-trading and other functions that will be useful to players and help them earn money and encourage them to remain on the platform;
  • Ultra protocol is EOS based fork (in partners listed EOS Rio);
  • Ultra-miner - activate, mine another cryptocurrency and sell it for UOS;
  • Content distribution function - at the moment when the game is still loading, the user can already start the game.

For players:

  • play games within minutes of purchase using own progressive software downloading technology;
  • earn Ultra Coins by participating in beta tests, viewing ads, curating the game, leaving reviews or performing bounty (install a free game on a PC or an application on a smartphone, share a post on social networks);
  • additional rewards: free games, in-game items, vouchers to speed up the game, tokens;
  • access third-party game services such as tournaments, item-trading, and more directly within Ultra;
  • play exclusive AAA content only available on Ultra;
  • be part of community. Experience an innovative and rewarding open community;
  • purchase and resell your or second-hand digital games. Most likely it will be possible to make from the game NFT, as in WAX;
  • two-level referral system, up to fifty percent revenue from sales of games on Ultra redistributed between players and developers who attract new users to the platform.

For developers:

  • marketing toolbox. Access to powerful innovative marketing and promotional tools;
  • earn more an additional up to fifty percent revenue share compared to the competition (with what is not specified);
  • game-specific clubs, forums, newsletters, chats and other tools are built-in as if you own the platform;
  • support from the community through financial incentives for beta tests, bug hunting, feedback, and many more;

  • easily port games from platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation to Ultra, with universal SDK;
  • instant sales payouts enable you to re-inject money into your marketing budget unrestricted by the standard 60-day window.;

  • earn money through in-game advertising, secondhand sales, item-trading, and referrals.

All functions Ultra (loyalty program, beta testing, bug reports, trade in virtual goods, advertising, etc.) works exclusively with UOS tokens.

There are a couple of good decisions in Ultra , one of which for some reason did not occur to others. Use as prices on the $ platform, not the cryptocurrency. This means that for example, if a game costs $20, then it will always cost $20 regardless of the cryptocurrency fluctuations. The second is the creation of a fund on 5% of the sales of games. The selected projects will be financed from the fund.


The team has more 40 people. In Whitepaper and on the site logos Apple, Microsoft, Uber, Google, AMD, Dell. It was not possible to verify that these employees held senior positions in these companies, perhaps these were people who have ever provided mediation or services to these companies or were simply indirectly contacted or even trained there.

Unfortunately, in cryptospace it is a normal practice to immediately indicate the logos of large companies. Many have LinkedIn profiles, well-filled, but not visible on other social networks. There are some really serious and professional employees in Ultra worth mentioning:

Michael Dunn CTO. Dunn works as a mentor at TechStars (accelerator startups). Before that, he worked with CTO in Dell and TimeWarner.

Julien marron CFO. More than 7 years worked at Ubisoft and more than 5 years at Wargaming.

Lee O'Donovan CMO. Former Google employee top marketing manager, before Google - years 7 in Vodafone.

Edward moalem CSO. Edward has held positions as Senior Director & Manager at both Apple and Google

In general, the company has close ties with Ubisoft, not only in terms of employees, but also BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)with Wargaming. There is a partnership with Bitfinex, but this is most likely to conduct their IEO on a subsidiary of EthFinex, and possibly accompanying the market-making of their token.

It seems that they have a chance of success, provided that the crypt will have mass adopstion, but just do not accept it as financial advice or any other advice. This information is for study purposes only.

Roadmap important

  • In Q3, 2019 should start the blockchain.
  • By the end of 2019, the platform itself.
  • In 2020 expansion to China and the release of Ultra GO.

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