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Top expected games on the blockchain

top 5 cryptogamingpool

In the list of upcoming top games not to mention Hash Rush. This game in the genre of RTS (real time strategy) definitely deserves to be in our top.

Build your colony on a small planet in a vast fictional universe. Get valuable crypto crystals, protect your buildings and trade with other players to turn your colony into the envy of the entire galaxy.

War Riders - MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) in the style of “Mad Max”, where you have the choice to destroy or be destroyed in pursuit of gasoline (BZN).

Are you ready for a real apocalypse on the blockchain? If so, fill your tank and fasten your seat belts! You have the opportunity to create your own fighting vehicles, hide on the bases, surrender in battle or gather an army of robbers! The choice is only for you ..


Blankos - project headed Mythical Games A new cryptogaming studio, which recently collected an impressive $ 16mln. The investments were led by the Mike Novograts Foundation EOS VC from Galaxy Digital, with significant participation from partners Javelin Venture Partners, as well as DDC, Fenbushi, Noris and OkCoin. Yes, the game is at EOS. And while this is one of the most interesting, expected projects on this platform.

Unfortunately, there are few details about the game, but we can say that it will be the quintessence of all the fashionable things to date. Some kind of MMO is a collective with a battle royale and courtesansdancing ???? promising to rethink habitual gameplay. An interesting experiment. Sorry, no frames of the gameplay itself. Let's see what happens.

9Lives Arena - RPG (Roleplay) with a clear focus on PvP 1vs1. RPG, which gives you complete freedom to create your character. Choose your pedigree, distribute characteristics, train the art of possession of military weapons, learn the unique “Spiritual Animal” (passive skill) and improve your unique abilities from the wide range of skills available.

The game will be available on PC, Playstation, XBox, Android & iOS. The game engine Enjin.

Cryptic Conjure - This is a fantastic multiplayer RPG game developed by Iridium Studios and will be published by Lucid Sight.
В Cryptic Conjure inThis is based on your skills, you can create a skill and sell it to others, but every time your skill is sold, it loses a percentage of its strength until it disappears. In that case, to whom will you entrust your skill?

Gods unchained - multiplayer collectible card game type Heartstone by Blizzard and Magic the Gathering.

Cryptofights - step-by-step fighting game 1 on 1. Imagine step-by-step street battles, but with weapons and armor that you can change to defeat your opponent.

Starting as a fighter low level you have to defeat opponents, earning XP (experience) and gold. Then use the acquired to raise the level of your fighter and learn more skills.

ЗOlto can be used to buy new weapons and armor on the market. The game engine Enjin.

AlterVerse - The game consisting of 17 individual game worlds, uses technology. Enjin ERC-1155 for asset integration. Enjin ERC-1155 allows you to move between all games, including games Enjin Multiverse and use the same item.

The AlterVerse Universe will allow players, tape drives, builders, developers and “server owners” to monetize their activities using a game token called Ace. 17 games are under development.

A professional designer will allow players to fully customize their worlds, choose from a variety of game mechanics, or simply use resources to create their home, business or game in AlterVerse. Anyone who does not want to build can play and earn money in ready-made environments using PvP, PvE, farming, crafting, hunting, fishing, and in-game mini-games, such as poker or arcades.

Also, the developers have integrated in-game voice chat, VR, AR and many other chips.
In short, plenty of opportunities for income.

Age of rust - this is a dark sci-fi quest / adventure game. In a world located in the vast universe. You have to explore the abandoned space stations, mysterious caves and ruins in distant worlds. On your way you will meet puzzles and secrets that you need to unravel to light the way forward. Key features: Good graphics for cryptogeaming, hidden in the game 20 bitcoins, and the game world has 660 000 sq. meters!

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