Tides of Magic: Card mix

Tides of Magic

Tides of Magic is a collectible card crypto game (CCG) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Initially, 5 schools of magic will be available in the game, each with its own set of cards. Two gradations: standard and elite. Each card in the game is a ERC-721 token standard (NFT).

Tides of Magic
5 schools of magic. From left to right: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black

Standard cards at the start of the presale started at 0,0272 ETH and went up at 0,00033 ETH per deck. The current minimum price is 0,06614 ETH.

*Wholesale purchase is fixed in price and does not increase the cost of decks.

Naturally, there are legendary packs. They give the highest chance of getting rare cards. The price is fixed and does not increase - 0,272 ETH.

So why card mix? Because this is an inclusive card game, that is, if you have ERC-721 tokens from another crypto game, then they can be used in Tides of Magic.

*Not all cards will work by default.

Tides of Magic already have cards from Axie Infinity , Ethermoom, My Crypto Heroes , CryptoPunk, Ethercraft, CryptoKitties and recently announced that there will be card support Splinterlands.

Also in the game there are several ERC-20 tokens that can be used to improve the attributes and aesthetics of the cards.

Tides of Magic cards can be sold / bought at the site OpenSea . The developers also shared guide on the game.

I would like to note that on social networks, the game announced itself only in October 2019, and the Beta release on the roadmap 01/01/20, i.e. most likely there will be poor card balancing and other shortcomings. I think that the developers still do not quite understand what the path of their development will be.

Free pack

All that is required to receive a free pack is to retweet the post below and write your ETH address, the color of the desired pack.

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