The Six Dragons: Alpha Test Details

The Six Dragons

First, a short reminder of what is The Six Dragons.

So, The Six Dragons - One of the most anticipated and successful games during the pre-sale campaign on the Enjin platform. What is to be expected from Alpha and when will it be?


The developers claim that it will be somewhere in the Q4 2019 of the year, but at the same time they say that, on this moment, exact dates testing can not be called. However, a lot here depends not on them, but on the developers of the Enjin platform (so far it is not capable of supporting such projects, a launch is required Efinity).

What to expect in Alpha?

A huge open world, countless dungeons, all kinds of crafting, upgrades, prizes, awards in Enjin items and of Enjin Multiverse.

Where and what is required for Alpha?

Firstly, the test will take place on the main network, so you have to use the Enjin wallet to access the game. Secondly, yes, all the items that you already have (if any) can be used, it will also be possible to enchant / improve them.

Now the main question: "How to get early access to Alpha?"

The developers divided the entire test into 5 stages, which they called waves:

  • 1 wave. Will be available to team members and their own testers;
  • 2 wave. For the top 12 presale contributors and selected community members;
  • 3 wave. For the top 13 – 70 presale contributors, special token holders (SFT) and media partners;
  • 4 wave. For all other participants of the presale contributors;
  • 5 wave. For MFT Token Holders

Also, everyone who does not meet the criteria for 5 waves, after some time it is planned to hold the 6 wave, in which everyone else interested can take part.

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