A game that will be built-in on all Samsung smartphones

Hello! Finally we returned after the New Year holidays! All with the past! 🙂 I hope everything is fine with you and you survived after this trash ...)) otherwise who else will move crypto gaming to the masses?

Recently, there has been very little news from our industry, and so we are a little carried away by the design of the “website header”. Many did not like her, so we changed her. Interested in your chat feedback @CryptoGamingPool.

So, the first news that we found interesting this year concerns Samsung giant and the Battle of Elrond game. It is expected that the game will be preinstalled on all blockchain versions of Galaxy smartphones (Yes, there are such versions, according to rumors the name in Korea is KlaytnPhone). By the way, about Samsung, few people know that the corporation consists of more than 80 companies. So, for example, there was the highest skyscraper in the world of the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, built by the construction department of Samsung Engineering. But I was distracted.

About the game

The Samsung crypto wallet will support the ERC-20 ERD token, which, after the launch of the main network of the Elrond blockchain platform, will be transferred to this network. Actually, this is where the name of the game comes from. In mechanics, it will be an RPG a la Diablo with a PVP arena.

The launch of the network and the game is scheduled for Q1 2020.

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