The Abyss cooperates with MY.GAMES to distribute Warriors` Dawn 4X strategy

the abyss Warriors' Dawn

Press release

The Abyss works together with the gaming company MY.GAMES (part of IT Group).
Thanks to this collaboration MY.GAMES and The Abyss released Warriors' Dawn 4X strategy, which is already available on the platform!

the abyss Warriors' Dawn

In the world of Altera, populated by humans, elves and dragons, you will take part in incredible events where Lords are building their own empire by joining alliances and fighting for territory and resources. Combine a powerful army under your leadership and capture the world of Altera.

*Warriors' Dawn - an ordinary game, without the use of blockchain.


  • Dream castle. Upgrade buildings and change the look of your castle, make it more impressive and populated. You can also choose a unique appearance of the capital.
  • Interactive map. A large interactive map on which you can move your castle, join forces with your alliance, capture mines and destroy monsters, also attack the castles of other players and steal enemy resources!
  • Large-scale war. Gather a powerful squad and crush your enemies, leaving them with no chance of victory. A whole army of people, elves and dragons support you, and each soldier can decide the outcome of the battle.

Partnership with MY.GAMES is another huge step for The Abyss. One of the world's gaming companies has chosen The Abyss as another platform for distributing its game among thousands of players.

MY.GAMES includes more than 10 development studios and 10 regional offices around the world with more than 1800 employees.

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