Taurion: Treasure Hunt 3

taurion, treasure hunt 3

Everything written below is not an overview, not a guide, or something like that. Therefore, some, in the process of reading, may have questions, you can get answers to them in our Telegramby asking the relevant question. Everything that will be analyzed here concerns the upcoming Treasure Hunt event and how to properly prepare for it, because the official sources did not prepare step-by-step instructions with explanations. 
Ps I will write in free form, here is absolutely free, so the text will be funny in places. @ Voland007, brother, if you are reading this - make your face simpler, ahaha :)

Taurion - this is MMORTS on the XAYA blockchain, we throw in the on-chain and PoW algorithm here (I agree with a wild mixture, but who knows ...), below I will attach a small video where everything will become clear. And that's all, I don't need to know more at this stage -___-

Now essence of the event - these are buns, buns and only buns. The version of the game is alpha, and you don't need to count on playing for a long time. Those who participated in the events from Decentraland may consider that this is the same, only there will be no plates with coordinates this time ^^

Of the important, it remains to note only that it may not be necessary to cooperate, but it is very desirable, otherwise it is possible "Wipe on respawn" many possibilities will not be able to try.
taurion, treasure hunt 3

What's there for the buns or "where's the money Lebowski"?

The list of partner participants is periodically updated. The full list and detailed description can be viewed by clicking on the picture above or at the bottom of the article.

In this intro is over and especially for those interested begins section “How To”.

There are two ways:
first: simple and free - filled in the box with the mail and you can continue poking your nose.
second: wallet, money and that's all, as we love.

But in any case, those who are not looking for easy ways will have to go through the first one, so we read

1) We follow this link: https://taurion.io/trea…
2) We fill the mail
taurion, treasure hunt 3
We confirm participation in the letter by mail

ALL! On this, those who have chosen the easy path end their torment.

A lightweight wallet will be built into the game, which will allow you to accept and send CHI tokens directly from the exchange to the game and vice versa. Everyone who left their mail, at the start of the game, will receive 5 car-units for free, with which they will explore the land in search of prizes. BUT! each account can have up to 20 units, and each additional unit will cost 50CHI, i.e. those who want to use their capabilities to the maximum should prepare 750CHI in advance and a little on top just in case.

4) Download and install XAYA Electron wallet.
Download link: https://xaya.io/wallet_downloads-2/
taurion, treasure hunt 3

5) Setting up. We need to create ourselves wallet address и game account.

taurion, treasure hunt 3In the Address Label field, write what we want

After the address is created, you have the opportunity to send and receive CHI game tokens. 

Now hemorrhoids start, to create a game account we need about 0.011CHI.
Here we either go to the exchange or to discord and ask the developers to create an account for us. Links:
Liquid (KYC): https://app.liquid.com/exchange/CHIETH/
Citex (NO KYC): https://trade.citex.co.kr/trade/CHI_BTC/
Discord: https://discord.gg/5BQA4YQ/
Well, of course, ask for help in the chat, if none of the ways suits you, maybe someone will help :)

So, let's say you're worn out, but still got tokens on the exchange or from the developers, then you need to finally create a game account. But this is already simple.

taurion, treasure hunt 3We do as in the screenshot, in the name field you can enter whatever you want.

taurion, treasure hunt 3In the end, everything should be like this, if everything is correct.

Fuuuh, but in the beginning it seemed that everything would be faster and easier. In any case, I congratulate everyone who has gone to the end of the "difficult" path, I am sure that for the first time such troubles, in this development of blockchains, cause at least “O_o what? what for? why? o_O ”questions.

Afterword and links

Planned date of the event: second week of August.
Platform: PC client. The developers warn that the computer needs more or less gaming.
Game mode: preferably in a cooperative. As the person who played earlier put it: "It's not fun to dive in the ravines .."
Video for understanding the process of the game I'll tie on the PoW algorithm: https://youtu.be/Je2LumEzl7s?t=500/
Referral Program: is, but an account is required (difficult path): https://taurion.io/referral-campaign-th3/
Game site: https://taurion.io/
Event: https://taurion.io/treasure-hunt-3/
Partners and prizes: https://taurion.io/prize-partners/

Thanks @udachnyiden for advice, impressions from previous experience, and CHI token ^^

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