Guide on decentralized exchange of NFT / FT (items for currency) and not only ...

Recently, I wondered: “How to safely exchange tokens on bulletin boards or black NFT markets?”,

(Non-fuck Non - Fungible Token). In simple terms, NFT is tokens as items. Each token is unique and does not equal this, 1 Cryptotoxic is not equal to another Cryptocotic. FT (Fungible Token) is a fiat analog token. They are equal to each other, 1eth = 1eth.

For NFT in ethereum meets the standard ERC-721 and ERC-1155. DGoods is developed on eos.

where users give an advertisement for the sale, written off in HP and spend a non-secure transaction. The buyer first sends the funds (for example eth), then the seller of the item. “There is opensea ” - You will say, but opensea does not support all exchange tokens, and even less all types of payment. I found something better. At the same time the service is free and this is not advertising. When there is advertising - there will be a corresponding mark пом On the contrary, even a little bit to the developers. Because, in my opinion, this is the best way for the NFT / FT swap, even though they are used by a couple of people a day. Find better write in the comments. Immediately I can say that boxswap not yet better, though more popular. There are only about 20 tokens for exchange.

I disclaim responsibility for the improper use of dapp or any other jambs on the part of the developers. I tested the swaps of the order 5 once and everything worked like a clock and continue to use it. This is a common recommendation based on my positive experience.

So, drove!

swap market

The main page greets us with dapp features. It is possible to exchange even such orders: FT / NFT on one side for FT / NFT on the other! All this can be done in batches. Create custom orders (that is, even those tokens that are not flooded on this site, and this is almost all movable tokens), decentralized, without commission, registration and SMS and all this in the 4 step.

1 Step: Selection of parties to the transaction

(by the way, the pictures are clickable, if it suddenly appears that it’s shallow and hard to see, write in our chat or here in the comments)

2 Step: Select Tokens

If you need to add a custom token that is not in the list, then select custom project.

swap market

The contract address and token ID can be found in the block browser. for example or etherscan.

3 Step: Transaction Signature

4 Step: Order Execution. (Does the second side)

Project website:


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