Someone buys a sports car for $ 3,6 million, and someone Mega Mutant Serum!

Last update:

Ethereum cofounder Taylor Gerring bought Mega mutant serum NFT from BAIC for 888 ETH at that time $ 3,6 million, which caused a shock in the community BAIC... NFT allows the owner to mine a unique mutant BAIC, which allows you to create a rare NFT in the collection MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club). Taylor Gerring even decided to host a live stream featuring Mutant Reveal, hinting at it on his Twitter.

$ 3,6 million, which was paid for Mega mutant serummade this purchase one of the most expensive NFT purchases ever sold on the Ethereum chain. The funny thing is that the seller of Serum NFT got it for free for being part of the community BAIC... And their entire collection is estimated at more than $ 8 million. The sale took the 20th place in the NFT sales charts if we take statistics for all the time and turned out to be the most expensive for the last week.

What kind of serum is this?

Serums Mega mutant serum are divided into three levels: M1, M2 and M3. If you dip a monkey in either M1 or M2 serum, it will get the characteristics of the first monkey. But serum M3 is completely different, it gives rise to a monkey with even more unusual characteristics.

BAIC launched a brand new NFT collection in August. We are talking about MAYC NFTs from this collection have been provided to all holders BAIC... In other words, the owner BAIC can just dip your monkey in Mega mutant serumto create a completely new mutant monkey, its uniqueness takes on a completely new value. In this case, all holders BAIC with mutagen serum are the lucky ones, because they are the owners of the collection MAYC.

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