Distributing Golden Tickets Prospectors!

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The gold rush began in the middle of the XIX century and continues in different parts of the globe to this day. The main periods are gold rush in California (1849), Australia (1851), South Africa (1886), Klondike (1896) and Alaska (1898).

Now imagine that you have a chance to plunge into this atmosphere and get gold, like our ancestors!

Together with Propectors we will distribute 50 gold tickets on the ship that will send the first fifty conquerors of the New Krypto Light. Tickets give an exclusive early entry into the Prospectors game, where the gold rush reigns. Thanks to the golden ticket you will get access 26 Jun. All other players are 29 Jun.

The rules are simple!

Complete tasks in givelab:


and enter your EOS account below to get a prize!

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