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The open beta test of the IQeon PvP platform continues

Opportunities to monetize their gaming achievements has become even more.

Open beta-test of IQeon PvP gaming platform goes on.
There are special conditions of participation and a lot of prizes for users, who joined before the official release.

IQeon platform’s feature is the opportunity to monetize your gaming achievements (even at the stage of beta testing) via internal digital asset - IQN. It can be used for participation in multiplayer matches, for free exchange with other players, withdrawal on crypto wallets or transferring into other assets through trade sites.

IQN is supported by Metamask, TrustWallet, Eidoo, Trezor digital wallets and available on Yobit, Exrates, IDEX, ForkDelta, and Tocken Store exchanges.

There are some variants, how to get internal asset: for winning in matches and weekly challenges among players, for completing bonus tasks on the platform, and also for participation in IQeon community’s contests in social networks. It means that the key to virtual richness is active participation in IQeon’s life.

At the beta-testing stage, users have a unique chance to contribute to the platform’s development. IQeon team always pays great attention to opinions of the most active IQeon players, considers their wishes how to improve the platform, and even… rewards for discovered errors.

How to become a beta tester?

To take part in open beta testing, you need to regularly play platform games, to be an active participant in the IQeon community on social networks.

At the moment, more than 20 browser games of various genres are represented on the platform: races, shooters, platformers, puzzles and others. And the list is constantly updated with new games.

You don’t have to register to start playing on the platform. Unauthorized users can play games in training mode. If you want to compete with real rivals, gaming matches become available after registration. In this mode, users can join a match, which is already created and accept a bet, even if it’s zero. Or players may start a new match. The user with the highest result receives a prize - the amount of IQN, defined by the bet, on his gaming account.

Number of seats in IQeon beta tester’s team is not limited. We are waiting for your activity and assistance in creating the game platform of your dream!

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