Opera: DApp-browser!

Opera has released a browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and support for dApps applications


The long-awaited web browser Opera Reborn 3 with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet officially launched on April 9.

According to the report, the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera browser is synchronized with the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera browser for Android. This means that the keys to the wallet never leave the user's smartphone.

In principle, this sounds like a two-factor authentication process. When a user needs to identify himself or sign a transaction, he will receive a notification on his phone. Unlocking the phone with a fingerprint will confirm the specified transaction.

For the first time, Opera began experimenting with this functionality back in June last year, when it added a cryptocurrency wallet to its Android web browser. In August, 2018 announced that the cryptocurrency wallet would eventually reach the desktop browser.

Until September, Opera conducted a closed beta test of the wallet.

Previously, a version in development or beta was available, and now all our users will have access to a cryptocurrency wallet!

According to Opera, users will also be able to view and use decentralized applications by entering their addresses directly into the address bar. There is also a built-in virtual private network (VPN), which, according to Opera, is designed to disguise and protect user data from prying eyes.

Project website: https://www.opera.com.

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