A selection of cryptogaming news. Week #49


Good evening, ladies and gentlemens! CryptoGamingPool NEWS is on the air. A selection of news for the week and with you its host Artem “CryptoZombie”. I’ll tell you what happened on the 49-th week of this year.

1. Prospectors launched on WAX

Perhaps the central event this week is the launch Prospectors on the WAX ​​Blockchain. A new world called Yukon has been added to the game. The launch was very successful, you just have to look at the DAU, the volume and number of chat messages Prospectors и WAX.

5,7k DAU
2,3k DAU

5,7k DAU - Cool? Cool! But there is always a “BUT”. Can these numbers be trusted? Experienced say - no. Yes, and the statistics a little more than a day later as if hints that there is no 🙂

Drop in 2 times. Well, without a wrap, most likely, it could not do without it. You can always make a correction for this, in anticipation of an important event. Even with this in mind, the launch was successful. In total, the EOS Mainnet and wax network has more than 3000 DAU and this is a cool result and the WAX ​​network is especially pleased, for now.

2. Speaking of WAX

WAX of course, they are handsome and deserve praise for the current results. There is still a lot of work, but a good start, keep it up! They were able to do something that many other teams did not succeed in - creating an account and using the blockchain as simple and fast as possible, thanks to Cloud Wallet. Klats-Klats and you on the blockchain! Well, EOSIO also thanks a lot! Without Block.one, none of this would have happened. (Not to be confused with EOS Mainnet).

And it is not surprising that some dapps have plans to migrate there. Even My Crypto Heroes managed to partner with them. To stimulate the transition from EOS to WAX, they launched a challenge with a small fund of $ 25k. More on the link: https://try.wax.io/eos-to-wax-challenge-25k.

Against the background of criticism of EOS Mainnet, WAX has great chances to drag the audience and crypto gaming dapps to itself, and this is now the basis for the real use of the blockchain.

Too big? OK! There are also disadvantages ... Especially on the accounts of “WAX investors”. The course continues to update the bottom every day. This happens. Investors expected a more colorful “future” from the project, which raised $ 80mln in the ICO. One of the most successful ICOs in the 2017 year.

3. How the card will fall

The other day, someone fell 210 ETH in exchange for an Atlas ID #8840817 NFT card in Gods Unchained.

proof there.

The starting price at the auction began with 165 ETH. It seems like something incredible. Perhaps it seems right. It’s enough to recall the fraud with the winding up of the price tag at an auction organized in conjunction with Animoca Brands for the crypto game F1 Delta Time. Then the car was sold for 415,9ETH ~ $ 106000,

But you can’t fit all under one comb, as they say. There were real cases of sale NFT more expensive than $ 10k. The record belongs to Decentraland. Land from different pieces was sold for more than $ 200k in one lot. Recall these in one of the next issues.

4. Competition in the “decentralized village”

Decentraland this week i was pleased with the launch of a contest to create their locations, for which rewards are provided. Once in one of these i participated and even rewarded for it. In terms of that course, about $ XNUMX. This time they give out $ XNUMXk USD to MANA.

5. Another contest

Taurion also launched a contest. This is the second in-game contest for the guys from Xaya. Prizes are cool:

  • Gold Prize × 3 → $ 1,000 in BTC or ETH;
  • Silver Prize × 5 → $ 500 in BTC or ETH;
  • Bronze Prize × 10 → $ 100 in BTC or ETH.


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