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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! CryptoGamingPool NEWS program is on air. A selection of news for the week and with you its host Artem “CryptoZombie”. Today is a short experimental news release with comments. I'll tell you what happened in the 48th week of this year. Be sure to write your feedback in our general chat @CryptoGamingPool, so that we understand whether this format suits you. Let's get started!

1. War Riders launches BZN token mining

war riders, BZN

From December 1 to December 8 16:00 Eastern time in the War Riders crypto game will be a competition for the extraction of BZN tokens. They were listing in OpenSea и Spiderdex for trade. Well, at least something.

To start mining enter the game, find the BZN station and hold the “F” key next to it and collect as many BZN as possible. Important: You must safely return BZN to your garage in order to keep it. 3 best players will receive sets:

  1. 10000 BZN ​​and TOP MINER badge.
  2. 6000 BZN ​​and TOP MINER badge.
  3. 3000 BZN ​​and TOP MINER badge.

It’s right in the spirit of War Riders, to release half a test update, but not a full release Initially, the release was scheduled for the end of the 2018 year. We look forward to further. It's pity.

By the way, the game can be discussed in our profile chat here.

2. Battle Racers and Tesla's Cybertruck

Battle Racers

Another auto news. BR added Tesla's Cybertruck to their game At least somehow you need to remind yourself. Thanks for the originality!

It was assumed that the game will be released as part of the Decentraland world, but in light of recent events with a delay in the release of the project, Battle Racers is released as a separate browser version on ETH. While in beta.

Play Game

PS I could not get

3. My Crypto Heroes partners with Opera and something about gumi

Background: Gumi game publisher and developer invested this year in My Crypto Heroes type of the most successful cryptogaming project according to the version of the "incomprehensible", having bought 44,7% of the stake, and then thinking for several months, he took another 22,6% in the end, having collected a controlling stake for $ 1,7mln. The gumi Cryptos division led by Masaru Ohnogi is responsible for this investment. Was at CGC 2019. He believes in the future of crypto gaming, but not in the near future.

gumi are known for their mobile game Brave Frontier is a JRPG in the anime setting, which was released in 2013 with 38 millions of downloads. So they decided to combine MCH and BF under a new title for the crypto gaming industry.

The new crypto game will be called Brave Frontier Heroes. In fact, this is a slightly modified MCH with characters from the more successful BF. Well, you must admit that the graphics in MCH are torn-eyed. This is definitely the right commercial move. They like this campaign in Japan, therefore, the main share of the MCH player base is local, but for further expansion to Europe and the USA, they finally realized that something needs to be done with the graphics 🙂 In general, it's very funny to call an off-chain game with "such" graphics and “this” gameplay by the most successful cryptogaming project. And it's not without reason that our readers gave this game a 2,63 out of 5 rating.

Interoperability is expected to be achieved between MCH and BFH and items can be transferred from one game to another. And we said that this will be the main trend!

Apparently, they started to develop the budget by integrating the game into the browser crypto wallet Opera and now in the section Opera DApps have MCH. Probably, they thought of hyping announcing 120mln browser users, but they forgot that their crypto-wallet is used by much fewer people. So for now, not really. How justifiably time will tell.

4. And for starters, The Six Dragons latest gameplay videos

And this is an open world RPG, by the way, with graphics “something like The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion” from 2006. on Ethereum in Enjin Multiverse. But then again, without the Efinity Network, Enjin games won't work properly.

The future is somewhere out there, but for now ...

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