Mirandus will give away over $130000 in the May playtest

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Mayhem playtests at Gala Games continue. This time we are waiting for a playtest in Mirandus with a solid prize pool.

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How to play Mirandus playtest?

The purpose of the Mirandus playtest is for players to explore the world of Mirandus and experience the gameplay for themselves. To register in the game, you will need to connect a wallet on the platform GalaGames, where your earnings will be accumulated and purchased in-game NFTs will be stored. The first step is to purchase your character's avatar (Exampler). The game is available on PC.

Since the first technical test, the engineering team mirandus has been hard at work improving the character skinning system and the culling system, which are critical to rendering a lot of geometry in every frame and creating expansive zones. In addition, the team has optimized the server by separating different disciplines such as animation, environment, and programming into separate branches to increase efficiency and speed up progress.

The team plans to conduct the last technical test of Mirandus 15 May. So mark this event in your calendars if you want to earn cryptocurrency in games.

Earnings in Mirandus playtest

There are two types of rewards in the playtest.
1. Boss killer. In this challenge, players must compete to be the first to defeat the goblin boss known as "Mother" for the grand prize of 250 MTRM Tokens. However, only one player can be the winner of this challenge, and they must complete the KYC requirement to receive the reward.

2 Goblin Slayer The second task is to kill the goblin and get an equal share of the remaining 750 MTRM. However, there is a limit on how much a player can win and receive, which is $000. This restriction is in place to prevent players from having to comply with KYC requirements.

It's worth noting that Goblin rewards are awarded per instance, not per account, and regardless of the instance's rarity, the MTRM pool will be split equally. For example, if the player has two instances (as NFT characters are called), he must kill the goblin with each instance separately to receive two rewards.

In general, earnings in Mirandus are based on the basic things for cryptogaming. Farming cryptocurrencies, crafting and reselling NFT items and periodic events with a prize pool.

How to withdraw money from the game? This will require a wallet that supports the token standard on which the token is based. Gala и MTRM. Playing on the ethereum blockchain is therefore the most popular Metamask.

Latest updates

Last week, a team of engineers fixed the latest known skin bugs and what has been dubbed "Floating Sword Syndrome", a caching bug that was affecting gear conversions. However, performance remains the biggest hurdle and despite a significant improvement, there is still work to be done.

At the Tavern Games, 50 brand new bots played poker all night, and by morning all but two had run out of coppers and were still fighting. This is such a funny story.

The servers are stable and the team is reworking the maps to make them clearer and fixing bugs found during the weekly technical tests.

What is a tavern?

Tavern Games is a series of mini-games created for Mirandus' taverns. They are easy to play and will be available to the community soon. No Sample is required to play, so anyone can join in and enjoy friendly competition with other players.

What is Miranda?

Mirandus is a low-poly epic fantasy MMORPG set in a massive world ruled by five monarch players. Unlike other games, mirandus gives players complete freedom of choice with no maps or quests to guide them. Players can explore the desert alone and fight monsters, join the monarch as a knight in his court, or open their own shop in one of the kingdom's five great strongholds.

mirandus is one of the game titles offered by Gala Games, a unique blockchain-based gaming platform that rewards players with digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFT for their achievements in any of its games.

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