KotoWars Arena anniversary season!


KotoWars is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) based on CryptoKitties tokens. The main goal of KotoWars is to create additional value and ways to use CryptoKitties tokens, as well as to attract a new audience to the beautiful world of blockchain through exciting gameplay.

Today we’ll talk in more detail about the mechanics of crypto game.

Game modes

KotoWars offers for players two game modes:

  • PvE campaign Stitches Invasion, where you need to fight against a zombie cat and try to inflict as much damage as possible;
  • PvP Sand - multiplayer mode against other players.

Both modes are multi-season. The duration of the seasons is two weeks, according to the results of which the winners receive prizes in the form ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

The ten winners of the Stitches Invasion receive a commemorative Kittie whose generation depends on their place in PVE Leaderboard. At the moment, the XNUMX season of the campaign has begun.

Prizes in multiplayer are more significant. For prizes in the 10 season of the Arena, you could get from the 1 to 10 WCK tokens. Token price can be viewed here or exchange on real CryptoKittie.

Anniversary tenth season of KotoWars Arena significantly increased wich prize pool. 1000 WCK tokens as well as 10 fancy seals are waiting for their winners.

* End of season this Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

** The best way to find an opponent is to play with friends or join Discord server games where the chatbot will notify the anticipating opponent.

Token Parameters

Blockchain token parameters directly affect on the performance of cats in KotoWars. The numbers of attack and defense, the type of elements or special abilities are formed on the basis of the attributes (appearance) of the CryproKittie.

There are two types of cats:

  • Fighters - seals that fight directly on the battlefield;
  • Specialists - cats with special abilities. They differ from each other and can both defend the Champion or help fighters, and use the skill and escape from the battlefield.

Only the player decides, based on the presentation of the winning strategy, how many and which cats to include in the gang.


In-game resources

In order to play a CryptoKitties cards, in-game resources are required - fish. Each player starts with five fish and gets two each round.

The price of all fighters is the same and amounts to 2 fish. The cost and ability of specialists can be found in table.

If a fighter cat is knocked out of the table, then the player receives an 1 fish in return.

Champion can use magic in game. Each spell requires a certain amount of elemental elements.

Each cat entering the battlefield adds an element of its attack to the magic pool. If a cat is knocked out, it adds a security element to the pool.

Only four spells are currently available, the rest are in development.

KotoWars is in open Beta. New mechanics and content are added as they become available and tested. To play KotoWars you must sign up on the site, confirm ownership of Metamask or Dapper wallet and download latest version of the game for Windows, macOS or Andorid platforms.

Project website: https://kotowars.com.

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