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War Riders

War Riders - MMO (massively multiplayer online game), where you have to choose: destroy or be destroyed in pursuit of Benzene (BZN) gasoline.

Are you ready for a real apocalypse on the blockchain? If so, fill your tank and fasten your seat belts! You have the opportunity to create your own fighting vehicles, hide on bases, surrender in battle or gather an army of robbers! The choice is only for you ..

War Riders position themselves as a post-apocalyptic MMO of a new generation in which you can blow up rival cars and mine BZN tokens.

Due to the advantages of the blockchain, players will be able to use the decentralized peer-to-peer market and trade their gaming assets using BZN (Benzene in-game currency) - the only form of payments in the Wastes.

Players can raid and loot in War Riders. Suppose your enemy is sent to hunt for BZN, in this case you can follow him, attack and steal all his cargo, safely delivering the stolen goods to your garage.

BZN will be used to upgrade weapons, purchase protective gear and NOS (nitro) for your cars.
You can buy an unlimited number of garages and rent them.

Create your own car, customize it as you like. The game will include special logos and messages to express its uniqueness. Become the most powerful and wealthy army, expanding your domain, buying the best weapons and destroying opponents for expanding your influence. Offer protection to other players and earn ETH.

Most recently, the opportunity to customize your fleet and pass a test drive:

Tokens in the economy

BZN (ERC-20) game tokens are not yet available. It is expected that with the release of the game will take place listing on the stock exchange crex24.com. In addition, gasoline (BZN) is produced by passing “waypoints,” which is the easiest way to mine tokens. The total BZN offer is 100 million tokens.
Currently, if you want to own BZN, then you need to buy a car on a presale and you will be poured free of charge with a full tank of gasoline (BZN tokens).

The token is deflationary. Each transaction (buy / sell for BZN) burns 30% of the transaction amount from the total token supply. This is a good help for early adopters of the game, if the tokens will be in good demand.

War Riders
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War Riders
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Interesting Facts

War Riders have partnered with OPSkins and OpenSea. On OpenSea you can already buy some exclusive cars from CryptoGamingPool:



War Riders is in our selection of the most awaited crypto games https://cryptogamingpool.com/top-expected-cryptogames.

More detailed information about the game in WhitePaper:


By the way, we created a clan in War Riders. Each member of the clan will be additionally accrued BZN.
Join our team CryptoGamingPool in the discord, if you have cars:

Also March 30th started weekly tournament War Riders with prizes that passes every week!

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War Riders
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