Interview with 0xGames (0xUniverse, 0xWarriors, 0xBattleships)


And we are again in our virtual studio, where we meet with various figures of the cryptogaming industry. And I am very pleased to welcome all of our readers on the other side of the monitor.

Today we interviewed a small team 0xGames.

Q: Could you tell us a little about you and your team? What inspired you to come to the blockchain and create crypto-games, and do you already have experience working on such projects and what are you working on now?

A: “For over 10 years I have been developing applications and games. Earlier he headed the publishing houses Zillon Whales and Herocraft, creating games within his studio. Other members of our team are also experienced specialists with rich experience in the game. For example, some of our guys created Road Smash, which was played about 10 millions of players. I can say that we started working on the idea of ​​the first game back in November of 2017, then we also put together a team. For the first time, inspiration came after the success of Cryptocotics. Our team wanted to improve game design, take into account all the weaknesses and strengths. Actually, then the development of 0xUniverse began. Well, I note that we all really liked and still love the idea of ​​space games. Therefore, we began to create such a game that would be connected with space, would have beautiful graphics (our 3D planets are like players), well, in which there would be exciting and interesting economic mechanics ", - Sergey Kopov (CEO 0xGames).

Now, as you know, the team is already actively working on several projects: major updates for 0xUniverse. In March, they released an update with a large number of small improvements, and from the nearest plans - the Corporation. This update is already waiting for a long time, and we were forced to postpone it from a previously designated date in late February. But all for the sake of the players - we try to test everything thoroughly. We hope to please everyone with this update in April-May. We are also working on a separate continuation game 0xBattleships (it will be closely tied to planetary resources from 0xUniverse, but the emphasis will be on battles). The timing is likely to be in the summer, perhaps a little earlier. There is now a dense work on the integration of ships and hangars. In addition, many well-known RPG 0xWarriors. She successfully passed the connection and presails on TRON and EOS, soon we will introduce a long-awaited update on tournaments.

Q: How did the idea of ​​creating 0xWarriors arise? What inspired you to create this game?

A: It can be said that it was originally a challenge for our team. And we, after a successful hackathon in the summer, began to make warriors on EOS, since This is a great technology with an active community, different from Ethereum and other chains. After the launch at EOS, we decided to combine several blockchains in order to allow more fans of different platforms to play in the same game. In general, we have plans not to dwell on EOS and TRON, which we connected in the winter, we plan to increase the audience in the future.

Q: What are the key features in the game and what innovative approaches have you applied? How can players earn?

A: If we talk about approaches, then, unlike 0xUniverse, we approached differently to 0xWarriors. In the game, smart contracts are only responsible for things, for the purchase of chests and trade between players. There is a centralized server in which the combat mechanics are processed, battles and warrior levels take place. What did this approach give? He retained all the best aspects of blockchain games, at the same time made the game more interesting and comfortable for the player. Also, do not forget that the game is multiblockchain. That is, for example, in the gaming market there is a dagger for sale, put up there as an Ethereum token, and there is also a cool shield on the TRON blockchain. So you can buy both an air dagger and a throne shield, and give them to one soldier. According to the features of 0xWarriors: players can collect troops from 5 warriors, put on them equipment of different rarities and with different parameters (blockchain-things), then pump the warriors, their features and skills. The most "juicy" and profitable for the players is public tournaments. There will be a tournament grid, according to the results, the winners receive unique chests plus a certain percentage of the collected tournament fund. And in the plans to award prizes not only for 1-th place.

Q: How important, in your opinion, is cryptogaming for the entire blockchain industry and what obstacles do you see for its development, particularly in the CIS?

A: The interoperability of blockchain technologies is very important, although this is not the main problem. Now one could name two important obstacles for the development of cryptoheaming: the difficulty of interaction with cryptographic cards for the average user and the process of acquiring cryptocurrency. As soon as these questions are gone, a really strong increase in the popularity of blockchain and cryptogaming in particular will occur. That is, until the average gamer will not be able to create a profile in the game in a few clicks, buy the game or its game assets - there will be problems with massive adoption. And we, of course, also do not sit with folded arms, but try to move in a direction that would simplify the interaction of an ordinary player with a cryptogame.

Q: Your favorite cryptocurrency?

A: We love EOS and Ethereum, and not only - we are for multicurrency!

Q: What are your future plans for your team and your project?

A: We plan to further develop projects, add blockchains and features to games, release major updates. You can talk a lot about it, but we have public development plan. We offer everyone to get acquainted with it:

Q: Can you name key dates or steps that you would like to share with our readers? Any ads?

A: We can say that in April-May 2019 will be updates on current projects. In addition, there are also big plans for the summer for all our games. Join our gaming communities - 0x.Games - and everyone will know first!

We thank the 0xGames team for their time and answers to our questions! We wish them good luck and success in their difficult business!

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