Nostalgia: Huntercoin or Human Mining at 2014

Back in the far-distant 2014 year, even before ICO Ethereum and at a time when Bitcoin was worth about $300, one of the first blockchain-based games appeared. This experiment was designed for 1 year, to clearly see how the blockchain can fully cope with the game worlds. What was the result?

But let's start in order. What is Huntercoin (HUC)?

Work on the project began in September of 2013, and at the time of release in February of 2014, Huntercoin was one of the first, if not the very first blockchain and decentralized strategic MMO, except for any dice and gambling that simply used bitcoins for payments. Huntercoin did not receive additional funding and was launched solely as an experiment hobby in order to test how effectively the blockchain could cope with tens of thousands of users. Below is a timelapse of one month in the world of HUC.

Huntercoin is an open-ended cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, but its main difference is that ~ 80% coins can be mined in a decentralized world. The developers called this concept “Human Mining”. Although bots also played it, more complex mining conditions for cryptocurrency were created for them.

The main gameplay in the game revolves around collecting coins on the map and PvP. Coins collected in the game are displayed in your wallet as bitcoins. The whole history of the game world and from where these coins are moved is stored in the blockchain.

It so happened that many people liked this game and someone even managed to earn their own penny on it. Let's find out how much? To begin with the chart of the coin, listing HUC on Poloniex was before Ethereum (ETH).

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Current price

If we count at the weighted average prices at that time, then one of the most profitable days was:

  • February 26 2014 players received $ 11 070 when the price of bitcoin was around $ 500 - $ 800;
  • 18 January 2015 of the year, players earned void 11 dollars;
  • 13 January 2018 of the year $6521;
  • 7 March 2018 onwards with $1428.

And in the last 3 of the year, players took Huntercoin $830 837

And in total, from the year 2014 after the HUC listing on Poloniex and March 5 2019, players received $1,282,417!

This is on condition that the HUC were sold on the day of production, and did not reach the best prices in the 2018 year.

Who developed Huntercoin?

Despite the fact that the project was designed for the 1 year, its support continues, but the main forces are devoted to creating a gaming platform Xaya and MMO Taurion, which in turn will also be created entirely on the blockchain, as opposed to a new trend for its partial use in some mechanics.

The idea belongs to Andrew Colosimo, who worked together with Mikhail Sindeyev (RIP). The main code is now monitored by Dr. Daniel Kraft. The client was developed by various freelancers and was partially completed by Konstantin Gorskov, but now it is being developed anew using the Unreal Engine. Below are a few screenshots of the old version and using the Unreal Engine.

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