Hash Rush: September Details #1

Hash Rush

It's time for the September report from the developers Hash Rush!

Concerning game design, to balance the Hash Rush, creative director brought in old colleague game balance specialist to visit and review the Hash Rush.

Now about game developing in the latest update, the developers reported that they are working on resistance phases. In the last two weeks, they continued to make final touches, and proceeded with some necessary improvements to the “quality of life”.

Hash Rush
Firefly, light source

One of the first quality of life improvements developers worked on was firefly tree.

This tree provides a resource (fireflies) to power the Ernacks light source. The developers considered it reasonable that the tree itself give light to fight the Crystal Fog.

Also work was done to improve the visual design of the game. Some very subtle changes were made to make the Ernacks unit much more visible.
This is an important change, since the Ernack colors originally consisted of blue and black, and the planet has a similar blue color scheme.

Hash Rush
Updated Ernacks

The developers report that working on the balance of the game was a long and untidy task - but still important. And they also promise that the next two-week report will be much more interesting!

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