Hash Rush: May details #1 (2020)

Hash Rush

After a long break, the Hash Rush developers shared the May report with us!

Previous reports and more: Encyclopedia of Hush Rush.

Game development

If you are in project Telegram or Discord groups, you saw a discussion of a possible beta release in Q3 2020. The team has confirmed that it is working on a summer soft beta.

The developers also promised next week to provide a much more detailed overview of what happened last year and what was achieved.


The crafting system was a long-term goal. Earlier this year, developers made significant strides in this direction by introducing the Prospector, a specialized unit that can collect unique resources found on planets.

In addition, the Prospector functions as a scout, using his flashlight to disperse the Crystal Fog (more in the previous report).

For the upcoming beta release, craft items will focus only on Bounty Campaigns (now called the Leaderboard Challenge), so resources will be turned into special “tombs” that can be exchanged for Galaxy Points.

Transformation Bounty Campaign into the Leaderboard Challenge

Due to the poor performance of the Bounty Campaigns, albeit a very popular activity, it was decided to use the competition among the participants in the Leaderbord Challenge for a more repeatable, as well as much easier participation. Now everyone who will play after a certain date will be automatically added to the leaderboard.

Hash Rush
Galaxy Point

Galaxy Point are special points that you get when playing a game. Defeated the enemy? - get Galaxy Point. Have you collected crystals? - sell them for Galaxy Points.

The new Leaderboard Challenge positioning will be based on your Galaxy Points.

*Leaderboard will be reset every week.


After developers add a function that forces monsters to actively search and attack the player’s base, the team Hash Rush also tested it, and also listened to what the players thought. Thenthey actively worked on the balance of power of monsters and made the game more playable without making it too easy.

Gift from the art team

Also, the developers shared new developments of the art team!

  • Let's start with some familiar Heroic Ernacks, but this time ready in a card format. What do you think this means for the future?

    Hash rush team

In addition, work is underway to expand the craft system.

Previously, developers wrote that it would be possible to create special items only for heroes. The concepts are presented below.

*Keep in mind that they are still under development, so the game may be different in the final version.

That's all! We are looking forward to the news next week, as there were three articles planned in all, which will consider everything that happened last year (Article №1), what the developers are doing at the moment (Article №2) and plans for the future (Article №3).

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