Hash Rush: Eliminating Illiteracy #3

Crystal Storm

Hash Rush, Liquidation of illiteracy

In the last article in the series “Elimination of Illiteracy” we explored Crystal Titan and his appearance.

The story of Crystal Titan has prepared us for a story about the Crystal Storm.

Crystal Storm was a catastrophic scale of the entire galaxy, which affected every creature living in the Hermeian galaxy. Civilizations were destroyed, strength and abilities were lost, sentient beings were modified beyond recognition, and a new aggressive look began to wreak havoc on the planets ...

Hash Rush

What caused the Great Crystal Storm and where it originated remains a mystery, but from the fact that the remaining civilizations were tied up, it can be understood that the storm arose from unknown parts of the space - the Void.

Void is home to many of the dark and evil creatures that once ruled the Hermeian Galaxy. Using fear and terror to subjugate civilizations, for a time their rule was absolute. But the oppression did not last so long, in the end, the Heavenly Gods - children of the Goddess Arkana - joined forces to drive out evil forces into the Void.

As a reward for helping to free the galaxy, Arkana gave each of her children the right to control a sector in the galaxy. The galactic world lasted for ages until Crystal Storm arrived ...

Solid crystals, erupting from the Void, massive in size, quickly moved across the Hermeian galaxy, falling on populated planets.

The storm caused the colossal destruction of the galaxy, and for those who survived the test, the problems had just begun. Implanted in the earth's crust, the crystals began to quickly infect life on the planets.

Hash Rush
Teh Evolution from Trinell to Ernak
Hash Rush

An enlightened race called Trinell, underwent a disgusting de-evolution, with the result that they almost became extinct.

Hash Rush Pirates

The proud people of Rastarians encountered a giant solar flare that turned their rich planet into a scorched desert.

Hash rush elves

The high-born Eldaria, the ancient race of elves, lost their eternal youth and began to turn into dust.

Although they all endured trials and tribulations, these races were lucky because they were one of the few who survived. Other species were unlucky, and they were either completely extinct or were altered beyond recognition.

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