Hash Rush: August Details #1

Hash Rush

Welcome to the series "Hash Rush: Through the Hermeian Galaxy".

In this series, we will explore the Hermeian Galaxy, dive into the history of various characters, races, creatures, consider the mechanics of the game, and much more that will help to know all aspects of the amazing world of Hash Rush.

The time has come for the August report from the developers of Hash Rush!

The developers acknowledge that although the 256 build has been launched, things have been slow for a long time, updates were rare and not very significant. ATAll those present at Hash Rush headquarters want to improve and promise to return to the “high-speed” game development mode.

The developers also raised the issue of gameplay:

  • When we started, I wanted us to turn to one of the main functions that was still lacking in Hash Rush ... Battles. Yes, we had enemies in the fog who would fight you if you were close, but we had nothing to haunt you. It is assumed that there is a whole Crystal Scourgeopposing your expansion, but there were no signs of this.

    Hash Rush

    Rob Nicholls

    Lead Game Designer, Hash Rush

The role of the Battles in Hash Rush has changed many times. Initially, there should not have been many battles; it was supposed that there would be a more traditional RTS experience. However, this led to many subroutines for AI, which complicated the development process. But, the developers rummaged in Unity and they discovered a great tool called Behavior Designer, which allows you to visualize a single AI.

Hash Rush
Hash Rush Behavior Tree

The Hash Rush team reports that adding this tool to the game will take a month.

The developers are sure that they have overcome the "hump" of development, and now, with the new combat system, creating unit behavior should be much easier and faster. In the next few months they promise to show much more from the planned main Hash Rush cycle, for example, more actual resistance phases.

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