Hardcore Prospectors


«Without an ax - life is not the same "or" For a shovel and an ax I shoot at point-blank“- such phrases appear in your head after a couple of hours in the prospectors.

The last beta test was the third in a row and, according to the developers, the last one before the official release. Some options were not available, such as creating guilds. The conditions of farm laborers will also be a significant difference - in the beta they could work without the fatigue timer and all had the same skills, while at the start there will be fatigue (every 2 hours you will have to rest) and the propensity of each farm laborer to a particular type of work. For example, someone extracts more resources, someone produces better quality items. And we can say with confidence that if on the beta it was difficult, then in the release version it will be very hard hardcore. We proceed to the review of our two-week "plowing".

Goal setting and planning

As in any strategic game, in Prospectors it is simply impossible to make money without setting clear goals and objectives. You need to systematically move towards the main goal - gold mining (gold is a PGL token). Therefore, to begin with, it was necessary to study the sequence of buildings and the necessary resources for their construction. Decide on the lease of locations, so as not to lose time on the transportation of resources between them. During the game, you will have to be a logistician, an economist, and a strategist. In the event that you are planning to play as a team, you will need to competently divide your responsibilities, everyone will find the right place and business. The whole organization takes a lot of time and attention, so this game is not one of those who went for half an hour, put it to work and left. You need to constantly monitor the market, monitor the job market and do not sit back for a minute.

So, our goal is to start cultivating the territory with gold. To do this, you must produce a tray or a washing basin and a pickaxe. But how to produce these tools? And here begins the tin! The effect of the dolls in the construction of technology. It is necessary to build a sawmill to learn how to craft timber and planks from which you can build a quarry, from whose resources you will need to build a smelter and a forge to make nails that are needed in the construction of a carpentry and workshop for making TOOLS that you can already use and sell. So we can already make trays and pots, you ask? The answer is not comforting. Although you are now producing a tool, you need to improve the quarry and build a brick factory to improve your buildings to the third level. And how much resources do you need to put on it, how much time to get them and bring them to the right place? Space numbers, just like in the real world!

One here well, can not cope, so you have to hire other players to work so that they help you to mine, produce and build. At low prices, no one will waste their expensive tools and time, so you need to compete with higher-cost work orders. So, at the start for solo players and small groups, there are 2 ways of events: you are an investor - you buy PGL on the stock exchange and you give jobs with good pay, or you are a worker who earns money from investors' vacancies. So far, no one knows how to produce tools - they will cost transcendental money on the market, so first, before taking up work, calculate whether you can provide yourself with a tool when it ends and you will need to buy it from speculators.

Once your initial goal of gold mining on your land has been fulfilled, you should not relax at all. To mine x2, x3, x4 and increase jobs (only one worker can mine a simple core) you will need to build a gold mine and improve it. Each improvement takes 33 hours of construction, lots of materials and tools. Therefore, your workshop continues to produce tools not only for sale, but also for yourself and your loved ones, to finish the improvement as quickly as possible (after all, while construction work is under way, no one can get a resource in that place) this will take you plenty of time, strength and nerves. And so on the chain, build or improve buildings. To do everything in parallel is very hard, not enough hands, not enough materials and resources. That will end coal for the production of ingots, then ran out of boards to produce trays. This job requires multitasking skills, you must constantly monitor your stocks of resources and materials. Every minute of inactivity will cost you real money.

Gold mine level 3.


"Better to see once than hear a hundred times", so we decided to record a small video on the interface and not to inflate the review to a ton of text. Prospectors, like any strategy, has many different menus, submenus, etc. We will not be able to tell all the possibilities, but you yourself will understand everything as the game progresses. And now the main points:

A couple of interface functions that were not covered in the video.

Quick move on the map. Sometimes you need to find a point on the map, but it’s far from you and you don’t want to search for it manually. For such cases, the developers have implemented the function of quick access to the location. You just need to enter the coordinates in the quick search box and the system will immediately take you inside the desired point.

Quick user menu. It is useful in order to take one or another order, move your workers to the necessary point, see the status of the territory (it is free or leased) and clarify what resources in this territory are available (this information will be available to you only if you rent a location Otherwise, a question mark will be indicated under each type of resource).

Basic moments

In beta, we, unfortunately, failed to appreciate the fullness of the game due to the fact that some functions are still in development, namely: Organizations and Transportation.

The Organization - These are alliances of players, and this is a key moment in the game. Developers direct text declare that the game is designed for the party of players and this is true, in one degree or another will still have to enter into alliances with someone.

Transport - in the game very often you have to transport cargo. In the beta, this was done by ordinary farm laborers, but their total carrying capacity was 50 kg, so I had to do a lot of walker and spend a lot of time. Apparently, it was precisely because of the lack of transport that the developers did not include fatigue among the workers. Otherwise, the game would have become more complicated several times.

Our experience. Results of 2 weekly CBT

After the first hours, we realized that we would not be able to succeed alone, and we joined a group of about 7 people, in the future our ranks were replenished and finished in the team from 12. But the number of participants is not equal to the number of full-fledged work units (after all, not everyone can spend enough time in the game. Someone went into the game a couple of times a day, someone was active for several hours, and someone had to spend all his free time with breaks to sleep). Therefore, when calculating a full-fledged team, you can average up to 7 people who regularly worked tirelessly. As a result, by common efforts, our team became the only one on the beta who was able to start a full-fledged production of tools, mine gold and supply the entire server with vacancies with a competitive price list. We believe that this is definitely a success!

Our buildings

Problems at the start. The biggest difficulty at the start of the game is a tool, until you have your own production, you will constantly be under stress due to the fact that it is about to end. The developers took this into account on the test and initially sold a cheap tool from time to time. This happened mostly at night and we had time to buy the desired axes and sledgehammers. If they did not undertake this, then, it seems to us, the game would be at a standstill. Provided that the developers do not decide this issue before the release of the game, then most likely, most people who do not understand the value of the tool and do not know the intricacies of the resource industry, will spend their tool before any visible results are achieved.

At the start, the ax was the most scarce and sought-after tool. For the construction of the first necessary building, a lot of forest is needed, so everyone rushed to cut their woods and in the empty neighboring locations. And at this rate, all axes were erased already after 2 of the day of work. When we realized that we also need axes for building in large quantities, we bit our elbows and spent axes in the store, which cost half of the player's starting capital. But partly, the collectivism factor saved us — every new clan member who came in threw all his tools into a common warehouse — thus we were able to stay afloat. This is another plus of teamwork.

The same problem was due to the complexity of communication within the team. In order to track all actions and manage in time a mass of free and hungry hands, it was necessary to create a team of managers who monitor orders, stages of construction, and inventory in 24 / 7. Inside the game, only general chat is available, so all communication was carried out in a closed telegram channel and in the trello manager (where some people did not even go to check the list of jobs and tasks). You had to spend a lot of time to explain to everyone how to play, why and why. The game has not implemented the function of convenient command management. And, unfortunately, according to the developers, nothing like this will be implemented on the release of the game. Therefore, you have to independently establish communication and communicate with the team in third-party applications.

Totals zbt. That is what we were striving for, for which some of them did not sleep and bent their backs for the benefit of our “communism”. The developers have announced an additional reward for those accounts who, upon completion of the beta, will enter the 5 top by the amount of gold earned. It was the biggest incentive for not to jump off the game until it was closed. (From the author. For example, I began to attend these thoughts a week after the start, because during that time all the subtleties of the game were clear and I wasted time for virtual candy wrappers that could not be monetized, it seemed to me a completely non-logical exercise.)

So our results after two weeks is 11 buildings, of which one is flooded to a maximum and two to the second level. We gave other players the opportunity to earn money from us and spend money on our own tools. What is not an example of a modern state?))) And the most important thing is that we managed to earn almost 19773 PGL! We believe this is a very good indicator.
At the moment, the developers have not yet announced the results of the contest, but they have distributed rewards for participating in beta. Thus, all active participants received the promised 50 PGL, but the bonus and pleasant surprise was an additional reward for the active construction of buildings and active trading in the store from 50 to 100 PGL. Well, we will wait for the results of the main competition. By the way, his prize pool and the final date for the announcement of the results are kept secret.


It was quite an interesting experience. In our opinion, the project is promising, but we would not be us, without a spoon of tar in this honey story. We must not forget that the game is announced to the exit on the b / h and then there are serious concerns about bandwidth. According to our observations, hundreds of different actions are performed in the game, and the developers do not explain how they will solve these modern problems. By analogy with EOS Knights, there are not so many transactions in the game, 50 pieces are maximum per day, but if you start crafting their number increases dramatically, a day or two (and for most, who have less 100 eos in the CPU and even less) active craft and you will sit in the red zone without a CPU and wait for the network to release / free up your resources. And in this game time = money.

The review was prepared by Danila and Alena from CryptoGamingPool. Special thanks to Veniamin and all EK_team players for their active participation in the Prospectors PTA project.

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