Gods Unchained: Unexpected transition to Play-to-Earn & MYTHIC Card raffle!

Gods Unchained

At the moment, the top 1 multiplayer crypto game in the genre of CCG (Collectible Card Game) - Gods Unchained, announced that from August 13 to October 17, players will be rewarded with in-game tokens for their victory or the victory of their referral.

In-game tokens have Ethereum standard ERC-20 - this means that they can be transferred / sold on third-party trading floors / in person. And now the developers Gods Unchained positioning your game is not “Free-to-Play", but "Play-to-Earn”(Play to earn), we are actively promoting this system of monetization and we believe that for P2E future!

On October 24, all tokens will automatically enter the Genesis lottery, in which limited-edition assets will be drawn, and in the end we will see one lucky person with the fourth and last mythic in the Genesis season - Tethys!

How to purchase tokens?

There are two ways to earn tokens, firstly, just win multi-player games! Tokens will be credited to your account automatically for each win.

Gods Unchained
Lottery token

The second way to earn tokens is to give your friend access to the beta version, using a referral link. You will receive tokens every time your referral wins the game.

You can find your link by visiting the “Raffle” tab in the game client or on Gods Unchained.

The number of friends who can join the link is unlimited. For the remainder of the beta, you will need to use a referral link to access the game.


Tokens can be sold on third-party sites, such as Gudecks and Gucards

Lottery and Tethys

On October 24 there will be a prize draw, the winner will get the final mythical map of the Genesis season - Tethys.

Gods Unchained
Mythical сard - Tethys

Mythical cards are one of a kind, circulation of mythical cards 4 pcs / year. Mythical cards will not be allowed in most tournament games, as they are very cool. Tethys is a very powerful neutral card that requires 9 mana, deals 15 damage and has 15 health.

* Description of the card: "At the start of the game, adds 10 Blue Whales to the decks of both players."


In addition to the mythical card, at the end of the season many trinkets with a limited edition are played out. There are five different trinkets in total, all of which are associated with myths from the Genesis season.

Gifts (name)

  • Royal Card Back (no picture)
  • Atlas' Belt
  • Tethy's crown
  • Promethean chains
  • Hyperion's Black Star
  • Hyperion's White Star
  • Tethys mythic card

Availability (pcs.)


Smart gift

Starting with 13.08, all existing and new players will have a Headless Hydra attached. When a player receives in-game tokens, Hydra will grow heads, the last level is the seven-headed Apex Hydra.

The reward will be distributed depending on the player’s hydra level at the end of the promotion.

Gods Unchained

Hydra Level


Name of Hydra

Shadow Quartz
Solor Gold

Tokens required (pcs.)


Distribution of tokens

Earned tokens will be automatically distributed daily to players after they tie their wallet.

Players will also need to collect at least 1000 tokens (each win is 100 tokens) before they are sent to the attached wallet. Tokens of players who have not tied the wallet or hold less than the minimum number of tokens will be in the “Waiting” status until both requirements are met.

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