Forest Knight. Early access on the way!

Forest Knight, chrono games

Studio Chrono Games has announced the launch of early access to the game Forest Knight will take place in the coming weeks.

Forest Knight - turn-based RPG strategy from the universe Enjin Multiverse.

The launch was supposed to take place a little earlier, but the developers said that they changed plans because they initially planned to launch the game with a number of limitations in the players' capabilities. One of the main reasons for the delay is the arena. The initial plan was to release the Arena after Early Access, but now players can access the PVP mode and the in-game loot from the very beginning of the game.

The knights who enter the Arena compete with each other in real-time PVP battles, players are allowed to carry any weapon that will help them climb the rank system and receive blockchain items as a reward.


Chronville - is the capital of the game world. Buildings are used by players to develop the economy and obtain sources of resource extraction for the improvement and purchase of heroes.

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