Fasten your seat belts, it will be hot!

War riders mad max

Today starts the tournament in War Riders!

  • What a day ... What a wonderful day!

    Mad Max, The Movie

The beginning of the tournament 30 March, 12: 00 pm EST. The tournament will run until 6 April, 11: 59 am EST.

What needs to be done?
How to do it?
  • Run War Riders on your computer on 12: 00 evenings EST 30 March.
  • Download the patch and start searching for statues on their cars.


1,000 BZN ​​and winner badge

* total will be 5 winners.

War riders mad max
  • What are these people suffering for ?!
    For fuel idiot!

    Mad Max, Movie

Not all cars will see the secret vehicle on the map, as the system randomly selects the appropriate cars. If you traveled on all of your vehicles and did not find anything, you should either try next week (as the counter will be reset every week), or purchase additional cars on the War Riders website in the presale section.


The Keepers of the Wastes will be in a discord and telegram to answer any of your questions.

Let's go!

War riders mad max

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