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what is dapp

DApps (decentralized applications) - with a high level of protection based on the blockchain. Dapps work on the P2P network on different computers, not on one. They are very similar to smart contracts, but they can realize much more functions and can be used not only for finance, but also for games. DApp can be a website, a mobile application or something else. While the code responsible for the logic of the main application runs on the blockchain, this is DApp.


  • more transparent;
  • they often encourage user input / activity (likes, content creation, etc.);
  • harder to censor;
  • always available (while the blockchain is running).

Cryptogames are games that use blockchain. Usually, either the whole game is built on the basis of the blockchain (fullchain), such a game can be called a dapp, or for optimization it is sometimes done in part. For example: the combat system can be located on game servers, as in normal games, and items, the market, achievements are stored on the blockchain for security. The basic philosophy of cryptogaming is to provide players with the opportunity to own their items, achievements and earn in games. For this, the concept of “trade in digital items” is used, not “donat”, as in traditional games. Donat is being replaced by real possession of digital goods, achievements and progress; a real virtual economy is being created, consisting of multi-player gaming. For some active members of our community, cryptogaming is already associated with a new type of cryptocurrency earnings, along with trading and mining, combining a serious approach to the strategy of the game, emotions and excitement from gaming. And someone even draws parallels with poker. Imagine that ordinary games are like poker without bets, where you only pay for entry. But in cryptogaming, earnings are not the main thing, but an important component, without which it is not cryptogaming already. Rather, thanks to this opportunity, you feel a wider range of emotions and get a new, more vivid user experience. In addition, thanks to the progress, many professions disappear and people have free time, which they can spend in the game and creating a virtual economy, which, perhaps, in the future will be more volume than the real economy. And someone here can find their work, creating a store of digital items or making their assessment.

The main differences from traditional gaming:

  • New gaming experience, more vivid and interesting than in ordinary games;
  • cryptocurrency earnings;
  • the ability to use one item in different games;
  • Real possession of items as their own property with the possibility of resale and their uniqueness;
  • the preservation of progress and achievements in the blockchain, which also has value;
  • an opportunity to experiment with gameplay, scenarios and many others.

But it is important to know that not all crypto games are dappas. There are also centralized games with the possibility of making cryptocurrencies.

Opinion on this topic from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: https://cryptogamingpool.com/crypto-in-vr-coinbase/. And a tip: watch a movie or read the Ready Player One book to understand where the game industry is heading.

There are different types of earnings, it is often found that in one game there are several of them at once. You can immediately receive currency in gaming tokens or platform tokens (eos, eth, trx, etc.), valuable items (NFT) or resources:

  • PvP rewards;
  • reward for PvE;
  • in-game trading;
  • tournaments;
  • Resource mining;
  • advertising display
  • creating content for the game
  • And so on

Someone is good at making money from trading, and someone is good at PvP battles and you can earn money from it:

  • sometimes 10 eth + per month;
  • sometimes a 1 eth per month;
  • sometimes in a minus.

Some developers use monetization play-to-earn (play to earn), Embodying the old dream of gamers.

In most dapps, step-by-step mechanics are used, so it is possible to play several games in parallel during a cooldown to earn even more. As a result, you will be able to earn money in some crypto-games, but not in some. You need to put up with it and try to limit losses, for example, by increasing your gaming skills, strategy and awareness of new products.

We try to broadcast the most interesting and important news through our website and in the community. telegrams. For even more news, read our twitter. Communicate in the community and ask about new games. You can also find games on dapp trackers: https://dappradar.com/ or https://www.stateofthedapps.com/.

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For the games that are mentioned most often in our main community, we create separate chats in which players communicate. This is made for comfortable communication of all members of the community. The logic is this: In the general chat, you will learn something new, clarify some information, and when you have chosen to play something, you can join other participants to talk about a particular game, create clans, trade, and so on.

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Our friends: https://t.me/eosknights_rus - A cozy Russian-language chat for one of the most popular crypto games - EOSKnights.

Earnings strategies depend on what you can earn in the game:

A good game economy, in my opinion, should have a balance of entry and exit points. Money must be returned to the economy, either through taxes, commissions, monthly subscriptions, fines, or through burning items, crafting, etc., so that players would be interested to continue playing as long as possible. It is desirable that additional money come to the economy, for example through advertising, which users could switch off for free or view to receive additional remuneration. This reward could go toward offsetting initial investments or subscriptions. But while it is not used in cryptogaming, or very rarely.

In addition, you can track the indicators of crypto games on Dapp trackers to have more information about the state of affairs within the game. For example, you can calculate what the average price of buying / selling items in the game, how much the players have and how popular it is now. What can be useful for creating your own earnings strategy.

Cryptogaming earning strategies

One way is to participate in eirdrop / bounty / contests and other activities from developers thanks to whom you can help them develop. Often give out valuable prizes. This will help you successfully start the game. We recommend using the application to track such activities. coindreams , the first application with similar content, focuses on cryptogaming and with which you can easily get prizes. Available on iOS and Android

With a guarantee of 100% probably nothing. You can only make a guess about it. You can try to evaluate the project, as is usually estimated ICO. Collect more information about past experience of developers, see the activity in social networks. If there are thousands of participants in the channel, and only a couple of people are active, then this is a bad sign. If admins answer for a long time or ignore them altogether, then this is also a bad sign. You can ask a couple of questions about the project to members of our community, maybe you will learn something new.

  1. To begin with, you should have created wallets / accounts in the main lines: ethereum, eos, tron, which you have full control. To do this, you must own a private key from these wallets. And in any case, it does not compromise, otherwise you will lose all the money on it.
  2. Install official clients to store cryptocurrency. From the informal, we recommend Lumi collect и Enjin Wallet. For eos eos-voterfor tron Tronwatch.
  3. Install the necessary software to sign transactions (Scatter, Metamask, Nifty Wallet, Tronlink).
  4. Surfing recommend installing browser Brave.
  5. Install mobile dapp browser. In some wallets, it is already built. (Lumi collect, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Opera) to play from mobile devices.
  6. Learn how to use block browser. We recommend new enjinx.io, either popular etherscanfor eos bloks.io, for tron tronscan.org.
  7. Compilation of EOS wallets

First you need to install a DAPP browser that supports web3. Usually they come with built-in wallets.

The most popular ones for Ethereum:

  • Lumi Collect;
  • Trust wallet;
  • Coinbase wallet;
  • Opera;
  • Cipher

For EOS:

  • Meet.one.


  • TronWallet;
  • Trust wallet.

For POA:

  • Trust wallet.

Steps to run:

  1. Download the app dapp browser on android / ios.
  2. Create a new address on the ethereum network / another network or import your existing address into the wallet section of your web3 browser (trust, status or some other).
  3. You drive the URL of the decentralized application (dApp) into the address bar.
  4. You may need a certain number of tokens in order to use the application, but the application should also start without tokens.
  • Test crypto-games and enter early, well, or in the first week after release. Firstly, as a rule, cryptogame tests are free, and by testing the game, you can understand the mechanics of the game and what the economy is built on, where and how you can earn money, and from that, think about what strategy you will use. Secondly, from the very start of the game, all participants are about on equal footing and there may not be a clear leader. There is an opportunity for them to become, in the future it can bring substantial dividends.
  • Take part in contests / hands / bounty. There is always a chance to win. Personally, I won a few and received valuable prizes. Various starter packs, which are very useful to you at the beginning of the game.
  • Follow the news and look in advance at interesting projects, so as not to miss the moment. Perhaps in some, you can even go not presale to get a big discount.
  • If you invest in a game before its release, then you need to collect and analyze information about the developer, there are always risks.
  • Track indicators "to change something - it needs to be calculated or measured first."
  • Take into account the costs of the platform (commission, staking).