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In this article I will tell u about the popular builds (character builds) for EOS Dynasty. The basis of them lay experience of EOS Knights, which is kinda Big Brother to Dynasty. Also, I note that all the builds that I will consider are not the strict guide to action. Rather, it's just a description of the differences / appointments of each of them, which can help you decide on what to wear your heroes. Or maybe wont help and you decide to do it in your own way

But before i start, for those who do not know, there is a resource that will help you to make up / estimate what you get when combining various items without having to own them. This resource has a lot of other appointments, but in our case we talk about builds. So, >> Calculator <<, for all questions of the current or your dream build, please use it.
Just a small remark how to consider your new build correctly: all the heroes in the game (warrior, archer and magician) have their own armor, HP and attacks characteristics plus they scale depending on the level of heroes, so do not forget to take them into account in addition to the gear. 2 pictures below will help you with it:

EOS Dynasty
Characteristics of level 12 heroes.

Now let's talk directly about builds. Conventionally, all assemblies can be divided into the following categories:

  • longwalkers;
  • midwalkers;
  • farmers;
  • arrowheads;
  • Raphael / Dragon Scales;
  • mixed/ not understand what, but it seems to be playable :)


This category includes builds that compete for ladder, these assemblies will occupy the entire top players in the number of castles / floors.

Features. A very long time of battle, few runes, very, very expensive. If you enter any interactive or PvP, then all the other assemblies will loose you.


Quite a controversial category. Roughly speaking - this is the cheapest purple gear, luck comes from rings and mounts. Therefore, it turns out some intermediate option between farmer and longwalkers, not in terms of castles, but in terms of the spread of characteristics, there is only a little from everything.

In fact, this build has many variations, but the main feature is “not expensive” and more or less far to go. These Assemblies were popular for players who do not have 1-2 twins, but have a mini farm


These guys just dont care about everything, the main thing for them is to squeeze the maximum profit with minimum investment. There is no meaning of a minimum investment in terms of eos (here to the midwalkers), but to find that maximum profitability, without falling into the category of longwalkers.

How farmers think: number of runes per a minute, sufficient castle to close to 100% drop chance (not to be confused with the chance of drop of a particular material) and maximum attack to increase the pool of materials. Here it does not matter which castle u climb on, the main thing to get to the cherished numbers and then sell your runes/mats (u dont need to craft) by crafting lvl XNUMX/XNUMX items upgraded for tons of runes u get from march.
Now I’ll explain a little bit what I call the "blowing up" of a pool of materials: there are many different drop-rates in the game, but at the same time here is a common one, that depends on weapon and luck. How it works? For each enemy killed, one material is added to the pool of mats u will get:

At the moment you press the march button, your drop is calculated: randomly, your pools (each character has his own) are cut off by as many percent as you miss to 100% drop chanse (marked by red line on the screen above). And then from the remaining materials you get the top three. Therefore, for the farmer needs just enough def and hp to cover the missing percentages of a lot of luck and get to 100% drop chance and restart the battle. Also "attack" is primary precisely because this pool of materials (the number of enemies killed) must be scored with as much of this material as possible per unit of time.


Gorgeous builds, loved ones can be said, but due to the progress and input of various anti-inflation mechanisms, it is better not to collect them.
The build is based on the Farmer set. The difference is that you buy or craft weapons without aiming for 100%. You need 50-55%, while the HP indicator should be absent in the weapon, and luck and attack should be tight to the maximum. Thus, the cost of the build decreases (+), decreases the time to complete march (+), but the drop rate of the chance is slightly lacking to 100% (-).

Raphael / Dragon Scales

As conceived by the developers, this is the golden mean between the farmer and the longwalkers. In fact, although it is much cheaper than the distant passage, it is still expensive, but the profitable farmer should not be so.

Hmmm, there is nothing to add to this kit, there are a lot of minuses, and there is only one advantage - walking higher, and in the long run, this may be useful. But at this stage, it is the most controversial investment, in my opinion.


I do not recommend, but its up to you ... Thats all, there is nothing more to say, because a mix it is the mix - it is not a build! ha-ha


Although the game is very similar to the Knights, but still it is not the same, and it is difficult to predict exactly how certain builds will work here. The main danger that awaits all but longwalkers is the global drop rate, the more high-level characters, the lower the drop rate, and sooner or later it will negate all the advantages of farmers. The question is how fast it will be.
On the one hand, it is annoying, on the other hand, the choice of gear is not great yet, but no pvp has been introduced, so there is no hurry up to. And most importantly, no matter how you decide to assemble, think in advance if you can finish your build. And here you need to take into account time, if you late with a farmer, for example, it may turn out that all its advantages, by the time you finally finish it, are leveled ... In general, I wish you all good luck with percentages, and share your thoughts if you suddenly figure out what unique build in chat, it will be interesting to discuss.

P.s. if you have no one to enter in the game as a referral, you can specify an account chuderasteos.

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