Enjin Wallet is now equipped with a DApp-browser!

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Enjin Wallet

It happened !!! The Enjin team added the built-in DApp browser to the Enjin wallet:

Enjin DApp-browser eliminates difficulties when viewing content, as well as the required procedures, such as:

  • login to several sites to check / confirm your assets;
  • input payment details when making online purchases;
  • enter the delivery address of the acquired assets.

All these operations can now be performed by pressing a single button!

Enjin Wallet

This simple popup replaces the entire checkout process, which usually includes logging into PayPal or entering credit card details, and registering an email address or creating an account to which your digital assets will be delivered.

With the help of DApp-browser, customers can sign transactions with 100% security of their funds, enjoying the new level of security and autonomy.

Enjin Wallet
Due to Apple’s limitations regarding DApps, the list with partitions will only be visible on Android devices.

The Enjin team also shared with us their plans for the near future, including:

  • SDK for Godot: The open source SDK for Godot developers to use, modify and recreate according to their specific needs;
  • integration Binance DEX in enjin wallet: enabling users to place buy / sell orders on the decentralized Binance exchange without leaving the Enjin wallet;
  • site update: broker Enjin.io will be updated for better content presentation.

About all the benefits of Enjin can be found in the previous article: https://cryptogamingpool.com/enjin-at-the-gdc19.

Project website: https://enjincoin.io

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