Partnership Enjin and Microsoft or Superhero Badgers!

enjin, microsoft, azure heroes

Less than a day ago, from the small in number of subscribers, but the official Microsoft Twitter in Switzerland, a news came to developers about the announcement of the Azure Heroes project on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Microsoft Azure A cloud computing infrastructure or service that works similarly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. This service is a big part of Microsoft's business.

This is the very collaboration of Enjin and Microsoft, which has already made so much noise in the crypto community. So far this is not a strategic partnership, but simply joint work on a pilot project for a narrow audience of technically oriented specialists. In part, this project can be called a fan. But the fact that Microsoft got involved in NFT is already interesting and intriguing! And here is what it will look like:


Yes Yes! These will be NFT badgers on the Ethereum blockchain. Microsoft is a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). The mission of the project, or, roughly speaking, badgers will be to inspire training, coaching and building on the Microsoft Azure platform, and also to promote more healthy and inclusive behavior in the community.

For a certain contribution to the development on this platform, you will be awarded ERC-1155 tokens, the same badgers. Contributions can include coaching, creating demos, creating code samples, blogging about Azure, or performing other verifiable tasks.

There will be several categories and a limited number of these badgers:

enjin, microsoft, azure heroes
Inclusive Badger

Badger Inclusive Leader is a badger that brings a team together and works to ensure that the communities and events in which they participate are inclusive and adopt a code of conduct that promotes a diverse mix of speakers and audiences.

Quantity: 100

Badger “Content Hero” - Creates original content, including the development of sample code or sets of training resources. In addition, he documents and shares his experiences and lessons learned to help others build their solutions on Azure.

Quantity: 250

enjin, microsoft, azure heroes
Altruist Badger
enjin, microsoft, azure heroes
Badger Community Manager

Badger Community Hero is recognized for sharing his knowledge at conferences, meetings, or other related events. Contribution can be made through a presentation or organization of meetings / conferences, or for active participation in a community that shares content.

Quantity: 550

Mentor Badger is recognized for sharing its knowledge and empowering younger members of the community, guiding and training them, to acquire practical skills. Mentoring is critical to career development and skills development for long-term goals.

Quantity: 800

enjin, microsoft, azure heroes
Badger - Mentor
enjin, microsoft, azure heroes
Badger is a hard worker

Badger Maker is recognized as a source of innovation and the use of tools to improve the world. The token is awarded to people who have completed certain tasks as developers of OpenHacks, bootcamps and hackathons or for practical work with Azure without instructions.

Quantity: 10000

Perhaps badgers will fall into Enjin Multiversebut that's not for sure 🙂

I want this badger! How to get?

1. Assign yourself or a worthy community hero in your opinion.
2. Selected nominees receive a personal QR code, which can be scanned using your phone to receive your digital badger.
3. Done! Now you are Azure Hero with a badger in your wallet on the blockchain!

important points

• Badgers are minted 1 times per season and will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
• Badgers will be minted until depleted.
• Blockchain technology is used for transactions, which means that, as the recipient of a tokenized badger, you acquire a digital collectible in the form of a non-interchangeable token (NFT)
• Some badgers are harder to earn than others, and they have a securely fixed supply that you yourself can see in the block explorer here.
• Since each badger does not have its own transaction hash, and this is not just a copy-paste image stored on a central server, they need a crypto wallet with NFT support for secure storage.
• Badgers are distributed using a QR code, which, after scanning, will provide the recipient with the opportunity to install a wallet.
• After the initial receipt of NFT in the Enjin wallet, the owner can send the token to any Ethereum public address or destroy it if it is no longer needed.

The hashtag #azureheroes provides more information. Available in some countries in Western Europe.

A few more interesting blockchain projects are more serious than the badgers Microsoft is working on.

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