DGoods v1.0 has been released!

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dGoods - this is a collaboration between many talented teams in the industry who came together to achieve a common goal - to provide a standard of tokens that would unify the way to manage digital goods in the blockchain. The first set of features that developers have focused on is aimed at reducing the number of barriers to creating new markets and ways to promote the liquidity of digital products.

From now on, the beta code of the standard is available at Github anyone who wants to get acquainted with it. It goes without saying that inside there may be bugs and flaws. Now consider a few key points associated with this launch.

Dex inside token

According to Rudy, this “DEX inside token” feature is likely the most important part of this release. It provides a set of simple and affordable marketplace functions built directly into the smart contract itself. Since it is embedded in the contract, any wallet, exchanger, or application compatible with dGoods can now become the market itself. Simply put, any item on sale will automatically appear on all dGoods-compatible marketplaces.

How it works:

  • listsalenft: this function is called by the item owner. She declares in the token contract that he is being put up for sale for a certain period of time, and writes information about the owner of the item in the token contract as well;
  • closesalenft: may be caused by the seller if the ad has not expired or by someone else if the ad has expired. The function cancels the sale and returns nft to the seller;
  • buynft: called when a customer sends an EOS to a token contract, with the memo "dgood_id, to_account". If the amount sent is equal to the specified price, the goods become the property of the buyer, and the EOS is transferred to the seller;
  • since users are allowed to set “to_account” themselves, indicating the account to send, they are able to buy goods not only for themselves.

In the first version of dGoods, developers focused on key marketplace mechanics. They continue to work on developing and adding additional features such as transfer fees, pending purchase orders, auction options, etc.

DGoods v1.0 features

The standard has integrated a set of functions that significantly expand the capabilities of tokens in the EOS blockchain. A brief overview of what is included in the dGoods beta below.

Dex inside token

Standardizes ways to buy and sell goods, creates a wide range of distribution channels. Aims to create demand.

Multiple tokens and sub-tokens in one contract

The function is needed when working with multiple tokens at the same time, fungible or non-fungible does not matter.

Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFT)

A completely new class of tokens has been created to solve situations when a developer wants to release one or a whole batch of items whose purpose and purpose are the same. In addition, the developers believe that this type of token will become the dominant future use of digital products.

Multi-Level Token Classification

With products that are aimed at acceptance by the masses, developers will be dealing with a large volume of digital goods. As a result, it is necessary to have categorization methods, which is the key to ensure that everything is organized and convenient for the user.

Metadata Asset Types

The developers wanted dGoods to support a wide range of types of digital assets. Each asset type has its own set of data requirements, which are stored in a JSON file associated with a token.

Localization of tokens

It serves to enable the display of tokenized digital products in different languages ​​on trading floors.

These were the main features, the full list and more detailed information we can see by link.

What's next?

Now that the beta version is working, the team will focus on fixing bugs, trading reviews and security checks for the 1.0 version., and at the same time move on to the 2.0 version, because the list of features that can be added to the dGoods standard is constantly growing.

Link to the original press release from Rudy Koch: here.

dGoods on github: https://github.com/MythicalGames/dGoods

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