Decentraland Game Jam contest launched!

Decentraland Game Jam, MANA

Finally nafter long expectations started up Decentraland Game Jam contest.

More than 2000 virtual creators in two weeks (16 – 30 September) immerse themselves in the world of Decentraland, competing for prizes of more than 250 000 US Dollars.

What can you create (build)?

You can create anything, you are limited only by imagination!
Those who have no ideas for creating any content can get familiar with existing works, ideas and “polish them.”

How to create an 3D model?

A huge amount of training content posted on the Decentraland Blog и on youtube channel.

Decentraland Game Jam, MANA

In anticipation of the launch of Game Jam, members of the Decentraland community have published some of their personal projects where adding illustrations to scenes, making fire, adding functionality и add user interface (UI).

Also developers uploaded the Decentraland SDK video tutorialsthat will guide you step by step through all the features.

How to send a finished scene?

If you are satisfied with your creation and are ready to use DCL in the world, then you can fill out this form. There will be several options in the form:

  1. Expand your scene.
    Now it is a platform that you can use to deploy content and projects. On this subject, developers too provided information on their blog.
  2. If you prefer Decentraland to publish your scene in the LAND pool, just add a link to your code (on GitHub, Dropbox or a similar service).

All questions can be asked in Discord, Game Jam section.

Also has been added new Sci-Fi pack:

Link to the contest:

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Decentraland, MANA