Decentraland Game Jam: Contest with $275 000 prize pool!

Decentraland, MANA

We wrote earlier about the Decentraland contest with the prize fund 900 000 MANA and 50 Lands.

This time the bar is taken even higher and the prize pool Decentraland SDK Game Jam be 2 500 000 MANA and 200 Lands, and in order to participate and receive prizes, you must submit your creations (scenes) during the two-week online competition for creating interactive content, which starts on September 16 and ends on September 30.
Content created by participants will become part of Decentraland, a virtual world created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Everyone has it there will be a chance to compete for the prize pool in 2 500 000 MANA (Decentraland token ERC-20 standard) and 200 Lands (virtual sites where user creations will be placed), and this, by the way, is about $ 275 000!

There are no restrictions on creating content, it can be an interactive scene, a multiplayer game, art installation or a virtual store.

In order to take part in the competition you do not need to be familiar with the blockchain or have experience with graphic editors, you only need imagination!

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges, including Decentraland employees, community members, and the gaming industry.

Visual view of the Decentraland Builder:

How will everything happen?

You can participate in the competition as a team or in solo, it depends on you. Team submission will be counted as one record. After creating your own scene using Decentraland SDK, you need to share your work in an interactive preview. If you create something cool, then the team Decentraland or other Land owners will be able to upload the scene you created into the virtual world of Decentraland.

* In addition, 200 Lands will be awarded to the best participants.

Below are the best works of the participants of the previous hackathon, which took place from 3 to 17 of June this year:


Decentraland, MANA

- 350 000 MANA (~ 21,000 USD) + Plot (Land).

Decentraland, MANA

- 200 000 MANA (~ 12,000 USD) + Plot (Land).

Decentraland, MANA

- 100 000 MANA (~ 6,000 USD) + Plot (Land).

Decentraland, MANA

- 50 000 MANA (~ 3,000 USD) + Plot (Land).

Decentraland, MANA

- 25 000 MANA (~ 1,500 USD) + Plot (Land).

Decentraland, MANA

- 1 000 MANA (~ 60 USD) + Plot (Land) for the corresponding scene.

Decentraland SDK 6.3

Based on TypeScript SDK (JavaScript + type checking), it uses common patterns that you can learn from other game development platforms.

Also, relatively recently, Decentraland showed the first video with avatars from closed beta testing:

Link to the contest:

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