Crypto Sword & Magic GIVEAWAY

Great news!

CryptoGamingPool and the first EOS blockbuster Crypto Sword & Magic have teamed up to giveaway five in-game GOLD chests that contain valuable items!

1 week, 5 lucky, 5 gold chests!


All you have to do is complete the tasks follow this link in givelab: The more actions you complete, the higher the chances of winning!

The competition is held from 21 to 28 June. The winner will be determined randomly.

* Prizes will be sent to the winners EOS accounts.




About the game

Crypto Sword and Magic - the traditional turn-based role-playing game that works on the EOS blockchain. The game is a new version of the popular RPG game on Facebook - “Sword & Magic”, only on the blockchain. The original version of the game had 700 numbers of thousands of users per month!

A variety of content, a large number of mechanics, high-quality 2D graphics, dungeons, raids, mercenaries, everything that we liked in traditional RPGs, only now with a decentralized economy built on the fastest EOS blockchain.

Release of the game take place 28-th June,next week.

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