Crypto Heroes - EK Third Generation

Let's start with my favorite story, perhaps, without it in my opinion, in such cases, just can not do.

So, the abbreviation "EK" in the title of the article is the abbreviated name of the game EOS Knights.

Further, “why the third?”, - will ask people who are not really watching, or who have not caught the game EOS Dynasty. Exactly EOS Dynasty was the second generation EK. I want to note that both games are still alive and can be played in, the developers are still working on their offspring.

Now about the reasons for the emergence of EOS Dynasty and Crypto Heroes. The main reason is the popularity of the engine, all these games do not take much time and at the same time have a quite deep in their strategic part. EK felt great for 6 months from the start, which generated such an interest in these games. But, unfortunately, enough attention was not paid to the in-game economy and the game was faced with deflation. And as we all know the main audience, at this point in time, in cryptogaming are people, who want to make money or traders (and it cannot be any other way because of the complexity of creating wallets and the scarcity of the possibilities of the games themselves).

Therefore, the impossibility of earning or earning very little led to a sharp drop in popularity and interest from new and old players. This is how EOS Dynasty appeared - the Chinese fork EK, in which the developers introduced new mechanics and mechanisms to support the economy.

In order not to go into the details go to the main point: EOS Dynasty could not defeat the same deflation, which destroyed EK. Despite numerous tips and comments from users, developers were afraid or could not make the necessary, toughening game crafting changes. As a result, the game is going through hard times now and most likely the situation will not improve.

At this introductory part ends. With the story figured out. Go directly to the topic of today's article.

Crypto Heroes

Crypto Heroes - the third iteration of EK, to find a balance in the in-game market. This time the Russian team is developing it. They have collected a lot of reviews and opinions of the players, the same undeniable advantage is the fact that they played in EK and Dynasty themselves, and now they intend to bring to life everything that the Korean and Chinese teams did not dare. What will come of all this and whether it is still possible to achieve a balance, without crossing the fine line between the income and expenses of the players, we will find out in the future. In the meantime, I will talk about the most important differences, the chips that should cure Crypto Heroes from the main ailment of this genre game - deflation by the developers.


  1. Pet expeditions that generate a bunch of material from the air are eliminated. Instead, the amount of crystals / water mined in battles rises.
  2. Added a market control tool that limits the possibility of sharp price dumping.
  3. The crafting system has been changed, now it will become more complicated and expensive, this is done in order to avoid surplus items on the market.
  4. Alchemy, it will be great if it is introduced immediately from the start. The later they introduce, the less effective it will be. An alchemist is a tool that solves the problem of the uselessness of a number of unpopular materials.
  5. Seasons are the same seasons as EK, with the only difference that here they will be used not only for competitive purposes but as the core of the entire system. Actually, it is possible that only the seasons can be the only solution to the problem of deflation in this genre of games. For those who do not know - after each season (approximately 45-60 days, in this case) a full wipe (reset) will be performed. People from the top ladder will be rewarded. And all the property of the players, with the exception of pets/mounts from the presale, will be destroyed. A mini presale of pets/mounts will be made before each season.

What else is known about the game?

CHT - internal project token, distribution system, assignment and staking identical to EOS Dynasty.

Art and visuals look weaker than previous projects. But again, is this a priority for this kind of game? Rather, this is a game about making money, but visually you want it better. If the idea proves successful, then there is a high probability that they will redraw it. The interface is similar. Everything looks as simple as possible, and on the other hand, it is familiar.

redf426: When the Chinese made EOS Dynasty, they laid the history of the Era of Three Kingdoms into the game, Sango - a period of time in ancient China from 220 to 280 years, entered into history as a struggle and confrontation between three different states China - Wei, Wu and Shu. Therefore, the domain of the site was and the game bore the second name Three Kingdoms. This is probably the only plus compared with the Korean version. Just as game document. It would probably be fun if in this version of the game the plot revolved around the Three Heroes, for example, and the stages of the game were based on some historical battles. : ) but this is so ... lyrical digression))

In general, ideas for improving the economy and buns for pre buyers look sensibly with a focus on the players and the longer survivability of the project and there is a chance for success.

Presale will be held until August 22.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice, financial advice or any other advice. We recommend conducting your own market research.

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  1. Finally, something worthwhile, and especially pleased that the development team is Russian. After all, reviews and requests to change something from Russian players are sometimes simply not understandable in translation for the Chinese and Koreans, as in the previous two versions. Well, let's see how it goes. I am sure the guys do not jump, so to say: “so that it would not hurt for the power”))))

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