Compilation of EOS wallets

Compilation of EOS wallets

EOS started as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain but since launching its mainnet, it’s become a separate entity entirely. Token swaps quite often become an issue as the community gets confused about where to store their new coins.

The process of adding a new ERC20 token is a lot easier than adding a whole new coin that runs on its own blockchain. So when your favorite projects move to their own mainnet, sometimes you have to look for another wallet that supports its native currency.

Ever since EOS carried out its token swap, Lumi wallet team has been aiming at supporting the new coin. At this time, they have already released the Android update which allows you to import and export your existing EOS wallets, and the IOS update is on its way. They are working on bringing a lot more exciting add-ons that the EOS community is definitely going to appreciate. Lumi wallet working on creating much more interesting additions that the EOS community will definitely appreciate.

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There are a few EOS wallets out there, of different types and for different likings, and today we want to tell you about the ones that are in demand.

But before we start reviewing them, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, keep in mind that creating EOS accounts is not free.

Secondly, EOS wallets that support airdrops from various EOS-powered project are ones that support EOS-based tokens.

And, finally, pay attention to the security features, constant development process, and, our favorite topic, who holds the private keys.

EOS Lynx

EOS LynxOne of the best wallets for EOS at the moment! Excellent and convenient PC and mobile wallet. The mobile version has a built-in dapp-browser. EOS Lynx allow you to manage your EOS tokens, steak EOS for RAM or CPU.

Huge plus EOS Lynx is - creating an EOS account in one click. At the time of this writing, the cost of creating an EOS-account = $75.

In addition, an intuitive and easy account management is implemented in EOS Lynx. Some new users get into a stupor at the sight of CPU / RAM / NET. But in reality there is nothing complicated. You can draw an analogy that will help to more easily deal with this. Imagine that an EOS account is your smartphone. RAM is the memory of a smartphone. When buying a new smartphone on 32 GB, part of the memory is occupied by OC (around 5 GB). Here also. Create a new account with 8 KB of memory and about 3 KB, takes the account itself. CPU is something like charging your smartphone. A network is something like a traffic packet. The resources themselves are CPU / NET renewable. After 72 hours fully recovered. The comparison may not be entirely correct, but it may be easier for someone to understand. This is no more complicated than the concept of gas in the air, which, by the way, is not restored and it is necessary to pay a commission for each transaction.

The disadvantages of EOS Lynx is that there is no voting option for block producers, and you cannot use any other token that is not associated with EOS.


SimplEOS is an open source PC wallet created by EOS RioIt was made specifically to fill the needs of the EOS ecosystem and is integrated with all the EOS.IO software features. It allows you to vote on the EOS Mainnet and will be soon able to interact with EOS-powered dapps. It is also one of the few EOS wallets that support airdrops. And your private keys stay private with SimplEOS (meaning, you control them and your funds).

The two main disadvantages are that mobile version is still under development and you cannot use it for any other coin or token that is not EOS related.

GreyMass / EOS Voter Wallet

EOS-Voter wallet is one of the most popular EOS mainnet wallets, made by EOS Block Producers - Greymass. It is an open source desktop wallet that lets you manage your EOS tokens, vote for BPs, and stake your EOS as Bandwidth or CPU.

There is an option to create a local wallet right on your device by importing your private key and setting up a password. And if you don’t want to store your private keys on the device, you don’t have to, the choice is all yours. It is a great EOS wallet for EOS and working within that ecosystem, however, it is not that easy either.


Scatter started out as MetaMask for EOS, and used to be a browser extension for Google Chrome, but eventually graduated to the desktop version. It is considered to be one of the safest desktop configurations of EOS compatible wallets. It allows you to store your private keys on your own device and you don’t need to expose them while executing a transaction.

Users are not required to share any sensitive information while setting up the account. If you’re into smart contracts and still cannot choose between EOS, Ethereum, and TRON, Scatter gives you the opportunity to work with them all.

On the negative side, its interface is quite difficult to figure out and not very suitable for beginners.

Lumi wallet

Lumi wallet is only starting its EOS-inspired journey, having a greater goal in mind. Although it’s not exactly reasonable to establish the best EOS wallet for airdrops, they aim to add EOS token support and thus allow users to use it for such airdrops. In fact, they plan to add as many EOS tokens as possible.

Also, Lumi wallet Lumi Wallet plans to integrate the voting process and allow users to vote for block producers. They are already cooperating with MinerGatea newly minted EOS block producer and a large mining pool, that is also focused on contributing to the EOS community.

Apart from that Lumi wallet scheduled to add dapp support, so users will be able to interact with EOS-powered dapps via an in-wallet browser.

Team Lumi wallet believes in unity of purpose and attaches great importance to working with partners, therefore, encourages all start-up projects to contact the wallet by mail:

Lumi still has a long way to go, and since adding new features takes time, the implementation will be at a moderate pace, one after the other. In the near future, Lumi has many important updates planned. The team promises a phased implementation and aims to release updates gradually, one by one.

The Best EOS wallet

So what is the best EOS wallet? Obviously, it is quite difficult to give a clear answer, since it depends on personal preferences and special needs. Regardless of whether you need a multi-currency wallet with a maximum set of functions that will allow you to navigate the EOS ecosystem, or just a tool for voting for block producers, you have something to choose from.

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