Blockchain Cuties Universe has released the main update of the season - The Forge

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The universe of blockchain cuties, originally known as Blockchain Cuties Universe is a cult collectible crypto game with RPG elements. The game supports 4 blockchains - Ethereum, EOS, TRON, NEO and is the official TRON application in Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

Over the past three months, Blockchain Cuties Universe has been phasing out a series of strategically important updates for its final release, called "The Forge".

Forge of objects

"The Forge" was developed with the aim of completely updating the economy of the game, that is, the most important element of the product around which the profitability of each player is built. The generation of resources such as objects and magic dust are key components of the gaming economy. In BCU, the item market is a determining factor in the formation of a player’s earnings.
"The Forge” of items is available for players of any level, everyone will appreciate the opportunity to turn their efforts spent in the game into a profitable business.

Kutiniry, as russian speaking BCU players call themselves can now benefit from previously useless or long forgotten items. They just need to use "The Forge” and activate the recycling mode, which turns unnecessary items into magic dust.The cost of an item is determined by the amount of dust that remains after its processing. Players now have more options and possible asset management strategies applicable in the game.

In-game item life cycle

The process of turning an item into magic dust is called recycling. Enchanted dust obtained by enchanting can help improve other player items. But not everything is so simple, sometimes the enchantment process can go wrong and break the subject. In this case, the player will have to repair the broken item if he intends to use it further.


In “The Recycle” section, players turn unnecessary items into magic dust. Its quantity depends on the characteristics of the object and is always calculated according to the same hidden formula, where 100 dust is given for the conventional unit of force of the object. But when processing an item into dust, the player receives not 100% of this value, but in the range from 95% to 100%. Thus, someone is more lucky, and someone less. All objects in the game are assigned a certain level of enchantment (sharpening), there are 5 in total. The higher the level of sharpening an object, the stronger it is in the game and the more it gives dust during processing. Players do not risk anything in the process of turning objects into magic dust, and this rule has already become part of the new game mechanics.
Magic dust can be sold in batches of up to 10 000, and so far, this is the only item in the game that sells the lowest price on the market. This nuance was introduced to strengthen the economy of the game.

Players can use magic dust to enchant most of their items.

Blockchain Cuties Universe


In the Enchantment section, players can improve the status of their items using magic dust and a set of specific tools. The amount of dust that is required to upgrade things depends on the category of the item. In addition to dust, players need to use tool kits to enchant objects and improve their characteristics. There are three types of sets:

  • The usual Toolbox. Needed to enchant things to the level of +1 and +2;
  • Silver Toolbox. Needed to enchant things to level +3 and +4;
  • Golden Toolbox. It is necessary for enchanting things up to +5 - the most powerful level in the game.

All of the listed toolboxes are now available in the new adventure. Halls of the Grumpy King's Deep. A regular set of tools can also be won in the daily in-game lottery. Every day, 25 sets for each blockchain are drawn among the participants.


Sometimes enchantment may not go as planned; some items may break during this process. In this case, players can repair them in the “Repair” section. The repair process takes time, which depends on the strength of the item. Repair can take from a few seconds to 8 days. At the same time, one to three items can be repaired, depending on the number of player’s repair slots. One slot is accessible to everyone, and the other two go as a bonus to players who have Medium and Big Island (Founder Land).

Halls of the Grumpy King's Deep

Halls of the Grumpy King's Deep is a new adventure in which players can collect toolkits. In order to go on an adventure, the player must arm his cutie with at least one object sharpened to a level of +1 or higher. Unenchanted items are prohibited in this adventure. It’s important for players to remember that 1enchantedan item is an acceptable minimum, the remaining item slots must be either empty, or other enchanted items must be placed in them. Depending on the level of cuties, players will encounter predetermined enemies of different strength levels and dropdown sets of tools.

Each type of toolbox has a daily dropout limit. The limit is individual, i.e. designed for each player individually and general, i.e. the maximum number of toolboxes on all players. The following are examples of the distribution of falling sets depending on their type:

  • regular and silver tool kits can be dropped 5 times per day per player and up to 100 sets per day for the whole game. Also, ordinary sets are given to players in the lottery, a maximum of 25 sets for each blockchain (100 sets in total);
  • Gold tool kits can be dropped 2 times a day for all players.

The game in the new 2020 awaits many changes and transformations.

  • And now we all need a little magic on the winter holidays, why not turn to the Forge?!

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