Blockchain Cuties new record $48500, Dapper and Coin

Hardly anyone would have thought that someone would buy Kote for ~ 2 million TRX. because The game has more than a year. But the BC team does not even think about stopping there. The buyer of this particularly valuable Kote clearly believed in the future of the project and supported it.

Kote Features

Firstly, this is the first character who owns the land and this can be considered as the first sale of real estate in Cutieland, by the way - this is the most profitable land there.

  • Power - This is a plot of land in the capital of one of the empires. He gives the right to vote and be elected king.
  • Wealth - real estate in the capital will give a big bonus: the acquisition of resources, the study of technology, the collection of armies.

The UI / UX in the crypt is still an obstacle for most users, so the Blockchain Cuties team is focused on resolving this issue. Now CUTE tokens can be bought for fiat currencies on the HitBTC exchange (euros, rubles, dollars) and in addition Blockchain Cuties integrated with Dapper - a new wallet from the creators of CryptoKitties.

We are very pleased that now Blockchain Cuties has a similar NFT sales record for an impressive amount! We wish them good luck in the development of their project, which has brought many innovations to cryptogaming.

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