The Six Dragons announced their MFT and SFT

Recently The Six Dragons - A cryptogame in the RPG genre joined the Enjin multiverse and today they are announcing their Multiverse Founder's Token (MFT) and Special Founder's Token (SFT).

The specific features of these tokens will be disclosed in the near future. For the uninitiated, MFTs are Enjin tokens on the ethereum network of the ERC-1155 standard, released from a project that provide access to valuable lifetime lifetime awards from Enjin and other multiverse games. For example, lootropy items of the multiverse and exclusive content.

Objects in turn can be playable in several (sometimes dozens, and later hundreds) of Enjin multiverse games, and are of particular value to Enjin fans and speculators. Speaking of value, I mean money 🙂 For example, having a key in my wallet ...

You can jump from game to game and open Luthboxes to get all sorts of valuable nishtyaki. Why nishtyaki? Use them in the game or sell them for real women. Good wishing to get these items there. And this is in conditions when there is no official marketplace yet, and only chaotic black markets have been created.

Another feature of the multiverse objects is that when these types of tokens are minted, a certain number of ENJ tokens is blocked, thus the cost of a digital item is laid. And even if the game does not exist or has failed, the user can “melt” with ease, or as they say, “bold” this item and get their precious, blocked Enjin Coin.

Often this amount is small, but much depends on the purpose of minting (marketing or for the game). For example, in the very first distribution, when they just started Enjin beam handed out 3674 items with 146350 tokens ENJ, which can be called the “cost”. And the items from the multiverse themselves are more liquid because the gaming community is one of the biggest today, there are a lot of speculators who sell these items and the fact that tokens are available in different games, so they are in demand.

All this creates the feeling that the subject of the multiverse is indeed not empty and it is much safer to invest in it. It looks quite logical, especially if we imagine that even if one of the projects fails, then this item can be used in dozens of other games, and this very failure will not particularly affect the market value of the item.

This concept, in reality, is similar to true ownership and closer to the ideas of decentralization. What kind of decentralization is this, if the subject is in the same game, will you agree? If the project fails, and it happensthen to sell such an item becomes a ghostly dream. And if you take into account the fact that cryptogaming is unlikely to go the full way, it is enough to disable the game server. And it doesn't matter if you have an item on the blockchain or not. No one wants to buy it from you. It is still good if the game is truly decentralized, but this is a rarity ... In general, it will be interesting to observe what kind of pitfalls there are in Enjin Multiverse ...

So ...

Token from The Six Dragons (MFT) will look like this (see below). And, by the way, the developers decided to show altruism and decided that MFT will not be sold directly, it will remain free and will be distributed through separate giveaway, contests and other events.that will occur as you approach the exit of the game. So aim your QR code scanners more precisely 🙂 Soon there will be an epic lootdrop! As for the SFT, more information about it will be announced later. Please do not confuse Special Founder's Token and Semi-Fungible Token. About the latter will soon be an article.

The Six Dragons

And the game itself is like this (see below).

And even the video gameplay is:

They position themselves as

... one of the best games for PCs and consoles, in which the Enjin platform is implemented.

Well ... the gameplay looks exciting. As part of cryptogaming, of course 🙂 We will wait, as they say, there are no problems with the number of players on Enjin, so something really worthwhile can turn out.

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