AlterVerse: Countdown


There is not much time left to launch testing, according to the developers, about 2-3 weeks. Anyone can ask for access to testing at:

Finally have the opportunity to "feel" the product with their own hands!

We previously reported launch presale. Game fans and gaming traders swiftly dismantle all goods on AlterVerse store shelves,by shortening original list offer. Skins disassemble like hot cakes!

A few words about the last Easter sale ...

Easter auction totals

AlterVerse Golden Dragon Blaster
"Golden Dragon"
AlterVerse Santeria
AlterVerse Sharky Pistol

#1 - $ 330;
#2 - $ 235;
#3 - $ 175;
#4 - $ 165;
#5 - $ 180;
#6 - $ 170;
#7 - $ 175;
#8 - $ 145;
#9 - $ 185;
#10 - $ 140.

#1 - $ 236;
#2 - $ 130;
#3 - $ 182;
#4 - $ 150;
#5 - $ 145;
#6 - $ 165;
#7 - $ 100;
#8 - $ 110;
#9 - $ 135;
#10 - $ 120.

#1 - $ 205;
#2 - $ 179;
#3 - $ 105;
#4 - $ 146;
#5 - $ 105;
#6 - $ 115;
#7 - $ 100;
#8 - $ 105;
#9 - $ 140;
#10 - $ 135.

  • Blaster “Golden Dragon” is assessed by 150 ENJ, general offer 10 pcs.
  • Shotgun “Santeria” is assessed by 150 ENJ, general offer 10 pcs.
  • Pistol “Sharky” is assessed by 150 ENJ, general offer 10 pcs.
Join the Disruption!

The following items also flew off the counter:

* A complete list of products available for sale, as well as their characteristics can be found here:

AlterVerse = Business

Universe AlterVerse provides an opportunity for players, tape drives, developers and server owners to monetize their activities using the Ace in-game token.

Developers uses technology Enjin ERC-1155 to integrate digital assets (artifacts, etc.). Enjin ERC-1155 allows you to move between all games, including games Enjin Multiverse and use the same item.

* The shape and function of items will depend on the game in which they are located, items may look different and with different characteristics in each game.

** Tokens of Enjin Multiverse can be melted back into ENJ cryptocurrency.

AlterVerse create decentralized, ready-made game servers that will be owned and operated exclusively by players. The first game Disruption will be available on Steam and other platforms, and more 16 games are in development.

A professional designer will allow players to fully customize their worlds, choose from a variety of game mechanics, or simply use resources to create their home, business or game in AlterVerse. You can play and earn in the finished environment using such opportunities as PvP, PvE, farming, crafting, hunting, fishing and in-game mini-games, such as poker or arcades.

I would like to note that AlterVerse - one of the few, at the moment, almost Play-to-Earn (P2E) game (not counting the Steam subscription or the presence of Lifetime Citizenship).

The concept of P2E is very useful for building a healthy economy, fighting inflation and so on.

P2E allows you to truly enjoy the game and be rewarded for their skills in fair and equal conditions!

How to start a business?

In order to open and start a business, you must have Disruption server.

Each server is a whole business and its own microeconomics.

You can draw the following analogy: the server is a residential high-rise building, and you are its owner. There are 32 apartments in your house that you can rent (receive a steady income) or sell.

Activities in your home are tax deductible.

AlterVerse Disruption

If you do not have a server, then you can play and earn money (depending on your skill) with the owners of the servers, playing various modes with friends or alone!

How to start the server?

Starting the server is very simple. The hardest part is opening ports if required. On many standard cabling without a router, all ports are already open, so you don’t need to do anything. However, if you have a router, then open the ports: 28000 and 28001 TCP and UDP by default.

When you open ports, you simply launch the game from an icon on the desktop, click Launch Server, and select the mode in which you want to start your server.
The options are: Solo Raid, Alliance Raid, Adventure Quest, Chat Server and promise Battle Royale.
Each mode has several manual settings that you need to set each time you start. For example, the amount of Ace for a particular action,how much Ace you will pay the player for the game, how many mobs you will create and how much time you will spend on each player. You will need to “play” with these values ​​in order to figure out what attracts the players best.
The time of your ping will be displayed to the players and will depend on how far they are from you and how good your connection is.
After starting the server, you can enter it or just close the game menu and leave only the server running.
Play Now!

Your server can also be placed on a third-party cloud server.

At the moment, support only Windows, you must have access to the desktop to start the server. Over time, the command line feature will be added, and possibly Linux support.


If you run Solo Raid, Adventure Quest, or Battle Royale mode on your server, it is extremely important that you DO NOT get involved in the game.
You are the owner of the serverand not a player in these modes. You set the number of mobs, and no intervention on your part is required! Do not block the aisles or make any changes to the game.
You can only participate in the "Alliance Raids" or "Chat Server".


Each server has a built-in “customizer”. It is located under the heading "Menu". With it you can configure:

  • location. Changing this parameter changes the skybox (appearance overboard), giving the impression that you are rotating around one of the five planets;
  • texture of walls, floor, ceiling and light. Currently available in ten color variations to choose from. This will provide almost unlimited number of combinations, it will be very difficult to find two identical ships! You can also choose between several colors of the ship's hull, and change the floor in the dining room and in the living room;
  • 32 crew rooms ships that are fully customizable!

*Do not forget about variety of skins for combat spacecraft XR-75 and weapons.


In the future, as soon as World Builder is released (Designer), we will be offered a form for Certification to ensure that a particular server complies with various recommendations.

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How do crew rooms work?

Currently, only the server owner can customize each room. If you decide to sell someone a room, you will need to meet him on board the ship in “Chat Server” mode, and jointly set up the room.
In the future, developers will provide room owners the opportunity to customize them.

Each server has 32 crew rooms that numbered and tied to a specific servereach room this is ERC-721 token. As I wrote earlier, think of them as apartments in your own building. You can sell, rent, allow to use or just donate. The decision is yours!

Keep in mind that as soon as you sell a room, it is no longer your property (someone else will own one of the apartments in your house). If you set up rooms for the owners, leave them as they are!

In addition, if you decide to sell your server, be sure to tell potential buyers which rooms are sold and which ones are in rent, etc. .

If you buy a server from someone, be sure to ask about the presence of all 32-s rooms! Plus, you will have to abide by agreements with previous tenants or owners!

How do XR-75 warships work?

Each server has an XR-32 fighter onboard the 75, in the launch and cargo bay. If you have an XR-75 skin as a ship owner, you can customize your XR-75. In other words, if you have 6 XR-75 skins availableGreen Hornet“Then you can apply them to 6 from 32's XR-75.

When a player enters your server, if he / she has skins on XR-75, then he / she will be able to use skins for a period of time on your server.

You can also give the name of your swallow XR-75, writing a unique name on the wings of the ship, as well as your visitors who have skins. Visitor changes will be temporary, and yours may be permanent.

* Skins may be resold!

Join our alliance:, will build a business together!

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Minimum requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTS 8600 / AMD 2600

Recommended requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-4590 +
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 2900mmended Specs:

DISCLAIMER: The wait rating is a subjective weighted average of our team. Your score may differ and you have the opportunity to influence the final result. Explanation: The rating of expectations is different from the rating of the verdict in that it is evaluated on the basis of the beta or alpha version of the game and other evaluation criteria can be taken. After the full release of the game can be created rating verdict.
Cost of entry100
Content (plot, balance, elaboration of characters and the world, the logic of events)84
Design (graphics, animation, sound, UI / UX)91
Work with community / Updates45
Waiting Rating98
Reader rating1 Vote100