0xWarriors is now on NEO!


0xGames studio, which is engaged in the development of games such as: 0xUniverse , 0xBattleships, 0xWarriors0xRacers announced that 0xWarriors now supports the NEO blockchain! In honor of this event, 50% discount on all products until December 13.

Game developers plan to integrate NEO with Arkane Wallet which is widely used in communities 0xGames.

Now the 0xWarriors crypto game supports the 4 blockchain: Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO.

Also, the team 0xGames intends to integrate NEO blockchain into 0xRacers racing manager.

Early this year NEO team introduced $100 million accelerator fund, to finance the development of DApps and blockchain games.

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